Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Whole30 Favorite Recipes

Dave and I did a whole23 (haha!). That means we cheated and quit at 23 days instead of 30 days. ((What is whole30...click here.)) At day 23 we decided to allow a few more things into our diet such as honey and chocolate and maybe regular store bought salad dressing. We are still eating a ton of fruit and veggies, meat and nuts...but adding in a few extras. I LOVE, LOVE how I feel while eating this way- tons of energy and never hungry.

The only drawbacks to the diet, for us, was the cost...[it is hard to get used to spending a full $50 more a week to make sure you have enough food to eat!] ...and the prep work. I was cooking from scratch every single meal! Eggs and meat and vegetables and soups and salad dressing...I had my food processor out all day! But, we have found some great recipes, and will definitely keep making them and incorporating as much whole30 as we can.

Here are our favorite recipes:

Sweet and Salty Crunchy Coconut (LOVE this!!!! Made for the Super Bowl)

Apple Butter (really good with pork chops, or pork sliced real thin and fried with ghee)

 Tangerine sauce (great on chicken and shrimp)

Spaghetti squash and meatballs in the crock pot (LOVE! So easy! I also added Italian seasoning to the meatballs and sauce)

Sweet Potato Fritters

Chili  (made for the super bowl)

My Whole30 pinboard

It feels really good when you serve your family a meal that is 100% whole food, a ton of veggies, and no added preservatives....but it also feels good to add in a few cheats and to eat normal sometimes too. The worst feeling was going to our friends' house and not eating the pizza! I felt like such a heal! So a lot of healthy with a bit of normal will hopefully work for us.

A healthy little treat....chocolate peanut butter bars....Oh my goodness, these are good...I love almond flour and almond butter...the crust is made from almond flour. Very tasty and healthy.

I would love to hear if you've tried the whole30 way of life. Or Paleo?


Stephanie said...

Andy and I are eating this way now and trying to look at it as more of a life change then a diet. We feel fantastic and have lost weight too! But we don't deprive ourselves of the junk when out at a party, we just limit the amounts and try to choose better options when there is a choice. At home too now and then we eat junk too, but it's very rare anymore. The kids are also eating a bit more veggies and fruit, but they are definitely still a work in progress!!

Marsha said...

I just got done with a 28-day cycle of the Fast Metabolism Diet. You eat nothing but whole foods, just like Whole30 but is divided up into phases. For each phase, you eat certain foods. The idea is to jump start your metabolism. I lost 14 lbs during the process and never felt hungry because you have to eat so much of everything. But the biggest drawback was the cost. It's expensive to eat healthy! But I've learned a few things - drink a lot of water, incorporate more veggies into our meals and use whole grains. Though I won't be sticking to the phases, I definitely will be sticking to eating more real, whole foods.

beK said...

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Maybe it will help... :)