Wednesday, November 12, 2014

(this is a warning*) An Overly Sappy Post on Homeschooling and Our Stage in Life

The kids are ages 8, 11, and 13. This is an amazing time of life....I am so thankful and pinch myself almost everyday, saying, "I don't deserve this life"

God has blessed us in so many ways. I have to write and give Him the glory. He is kind and generous to allow us this privilege to teach and train our children.

I am so thankful for our kids. I hang out with these guys every day! We laugh together...and they laugh at me when I cry :) For example, we were reading a book together in school, Out of Many Waters. We finally finished this book and I could not read the ending because of my tears :) It was a great book, and we get to read these wonderful books together and discuss them and learn and grow. I have the privilege of spending time with my children reading scriptures together. We read and talk and discuss. We share our dreams and they share many (many!) jokes and stories.

We sit in our sunny classroom. We draw and read and research. Wes does his experiments and shares his findings with us. Skye draws diagrams of everything. Wil sings constantly while the rest of us try and work. There is always at least one person practicing an instrument.

side trip:
[We went to the dentist today. Two of them had cavities. It was awful...especially on the little one...getting a filling gives me a headache just thinking about it. We finished up there and headed to Aldi. They each get a list, and with 4 lists and 4 shoppers, we get done fast. When we get home we all put away 15 things each. We took a picnic to the park and then walked over to the lake front. As we were walking back we had the best conversations about how the kids could make money and all that entails.]

Life is very full and busy right now. The older the kids get, the more they are involved in. It is busy, but it is happy and full of laughter and often frustration about getting it all done and trying to get some quiet moments to myself. But I would not trade one moment. I do not long for the yellow school bus to come and take my children. I am so thankful for this time of life. I know all too soon it will be over- they will be grown and gone into the world. So I embrace each day. Each day that I get to teach my children and learn from them. I'm growing as much as them. To be able to enjoy this learning process together! To be able to put down our books and go meet friends at the park, to visit a museum, to start school a few hours later because the kids are sawing wood in the backyard. To take a 2 hour lunch break because they are cooking up their own concoctions. To take an hour in the morning discussing our devotions and figuring out how to use a concordance, that is a blessing.

Ahhhh! Life! Wonderful, full, meaningful life. Thank You, Lord! Thank You for Your strength and encouragement through the rougher waters of homeschooling when they were small and some were still potty training :) Thank You for leading us on this path, one that I do not feel qualified for, yet I see us thriving and learning and growing together as a family. I see us growing in our community as well, as the kids get older, with more opportunities and ways to meet new people.

I pray every day that we would see fruit of the Spirit in our children. I pray that they would have the experiences that they need in order to serve You effectively and joyfully. I see Your Word and its power in our lives; gradually changing us from the inside out.

I thank You, Lord, that you brought us through those foggy days of toddlers, diapers, and sleepless nights! I adored those babies, but I did struggle with being content and dealing with temper tantrums. "This too shall pass," is what everyone told me- and it did! What a difference 5 years makes! All the difference in the world. I want to bottle these moments.

The amazing thing is that I distinctly remember not wanting them to get older! I thought it would be boring (!) and I would not know how to relate to older children. But each stage has been better than the last, for that I am thankful and amazed and looking forward to what tomorrow brings. 


gailsgarden said...

That was exciting. It is wonderful to be thankful. And we are too, for all of you and for the way we see the Lord's work in your lives.

Also SO THANKFUL that you could take time off from your busy schedule to help out your ole parents!

Stephanie said...

I loved reading this!!! And needed it!! I feel the same way about missing my little ones one day, and I felt like I could hear my older self saying the same thing one day... especially about the tantrums actually ending! They really do, right????!!!!! ;)

Debby said...

Your children are blessed to have a mom that makes learning fun.

Jennifer said...

beautiful post. you are an awesome mom!! Don't ever forget that!

Marsha said...

I completely echo your sentiments. Homeschooling our children has been a bigger blessing than I could have imagined. As the years pass so quickly, I'm grateful to have spent each day with my kids. So, so thankful!

Lydia said...

Amen. Each stage has its own blessings, but I love this independent stage, when it is more about relationship and mentoring and encouraging than just making sure they are fed and clothed and comfortable. Lol.

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