Friday, August 12, 2011


I think it is because it is the end of summer and we have been bad- too many ice cream cones, too many fast food trips,.... too much. So when I picked up a free book at the homeschool store about the RAVE diet, I was intrigued (you know trying different diets is my hobby, right?!)

Anyway, I want to tell you about the fun meals we have had this last week.

Basically the RAVE diet is no:
Refined food
Animal food
Vegetable oils
(no) Exceptions

I am using recipes from the book- which we have loved. I am not against eating meat and dairy (as a moral issue), but I have been eating pretty much a vegan diet for a week, and like it!

Dave and the kids have been eating the same as always for breakfast and lunch; and then I have made an entirely vegetarian supper most nights (can't say vegan because I have let them have cheese and butter). My goal is to make this as appealing and filling and yummy to far it has been a hit!

The favorite so far has been the banana bread. Made with whole wheat flour, maple syrup, applesauce, and bananas- this stuff was super moist and wonderful! A definite keeper. The chowder was good too.

Supper #2...pretty good. Dave loved the beans...the kids were not huge fans of the antipasto mainly because the rice vinegar is not their favorite. But I could make this with a different sauce.

The kids have enjoyed looking at the menu and knowing what will be for supper. Saves me from telling everyone what we were having a million times :)

Supper time is such an important time for us as a family. Bring back the family supper every night, I say!

That is my soapbox :)

The sweet potato fries look disgusting! But they were good- baked with cinnamon.

I am just blown away with how positive this week has been!!!! I have always wanted to try this healthy eating thing- but was so sure that it would be torturous! It really made me focus on veggies/fruits/grains and how to get as much of that as we could for the same budget that we have been on for food. It is totally doable! And Dave and the kids enjoyed it much more than I thought they would.

Dave gave the meals and overall experience an A-

I feel like I could conquer the world :)


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this cookbook linked below? Her philosophy is to hide veggies in yummy food. I don't necessarily agree with hiding them per se as opposed to teaching my children to eat well, but I like her recipes as more nutritious alternatives to these favorite foods.

Shannon said...

Oooh, I am SO loving this...everything looks FABULOUS! And while, I would much prefer you cook it for me...I guess I might need to ask where you are getting the recipes from? I'm going to NEED to make that banana bread...are they in the cookbook?

Lydia said...

Yay you! We have been clean eating for 6 months now (not quite RAVE because we do eat meat/dairy which is ok in the clean eating world)and I do feel healthier. And it has made such a difference in Mira's temperament because she is getting no dyes or fake (refined) stuff- weird how that works. Anyway, your food looks so yummy!!! I will say that I stray from our clean eating philosophy when I do desserts. My sweet hubby just doesn't like whole wheat flour, so I am VERY interested in that banana bread recipe!!! Please share:)

hsing3kinder said...

Yep, for sure post the banana bread recipe & you know we're all dying to know what book you found! Everything looks sooooooo yummy!!

Jennifer said...

I would like to know more about the bread as well....I love the chalkboard menu....I need that too. They bug me to death all day about what is for their next meal!

The Hill Family said...

Ok, hold the presses--you shop at a HOMESCHOOL STORE?! Did I read that right? A whole store devoted to homeschooling?! Please do tell, I'm dying for more info on that!:D
And your meals look yummy..yay for trying new things!

Ruth said...

Sounds and looks pretty yummy. I don't know how well it would work here. I guess I could incorporate some of the things without going completely vegan. I think family supper time is great. We do that nightly.


Stephanie said...

We did so good most of summer until August hit, then I think we tried to make up for the past two months we were good, hahaha. Seriously I need to get on a diet now before the comfort food overwhelms me in fall and winter! You do so good making such healthy meals for your family! Keep up the good work :)

Unknown said...

where did you get the recipes you used? i would like to give it a try! :)