Saturday, August 25, 2007

My New Artsy Friend, Val!

Val and I go to church together, but it was just recently that I found out about our common love of art. We stopped at her house before going to the art is so beautiful. There are works of art- everywhere- even in the bathrooms! It's also very cozy,colorful,&eclectic. Here she is with her little puppy, Crumbs (she also has a dog named Cookie).

Here is Val in her studio


Stephanie said...

That dog is ADORABLE!!! Is it a shih tzu? I love it!!!!

Gretchen said...

Tell Val I love her stained glass window. Is it a Frank Lloyd Wright?

The other night at my art class the professor went through a slide show of photographs of different churches and we were to try and guess what kind of churches they were based on their use of art forms. It was so fun! I am against idolatry and saint worship (obviously), but there is something beautiful about those colorful eastern orthodox churches. Seems like we (that is, Protestants) ought to be able to harness our love for God into making beautiful art for His House. You know?

This is something I would love to talk to you about! :)

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