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Sunday, February 16, 2014

cozy + 2 spots left!!!

Isn't this the coziest ever??? Yes, it was a tight squeeze, but worth it :)

So my ladies' art night class is this Thursday! I am so excited!! I have 2 spots left! Email me if you want to come (if you come and bring a friend I will give you 50% OFF your own $25fee for bringing a friend)
*class is now full*
saramincy @

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what's been going on....(food and deals and a book and seacreatures and school plans)

 Looking through Dave's phone I saw these pictures and I said, "Awwwww"

I luv this guy!

Then I found more pictures that I don't think I have posted yet.
 We went to an aquarium not too long ago as a family and got in for free because I told them we homeschooled. Most of the time you have to plan ahead, call ahead, or at least have your homeschool ID card with you, but this lady let us right in! Yay for homeschool perks! (just a plug to always tell everyone you homeschool - you will either get free admission, or a strange look :)

He knows he's cute :)

Another homeschool deal; we got into the children's museum and IMAX for about $15 less than regular priced tickets.  Here is my little gardener, watering at the museum garden.

 TUeSDaY treats at ColdStoneCreamery...on Tuesdays you buy one kid cone and get one free. The kids and I went and spent a total of $5 and each got a cone with a mix-in...super great deal :) What can I say? We're cheap :)

Alright, SO- we have already had "bored" kids around here! I am mean and make them go outside when its hot...and they knock and whine and knock and whine until FINALLY I see this; they found something to do. Yesterday it was collect ants and call then George. I have to STAY STRONG and make them stay outside!!!!

We had Granna and GiGi here a few weeks ago and I made this DEATH by peanut butter and chocolate dessert. It was so naughty and soooo good. Here is the recipe- but I warn you- I think I gained 3 pounds that weekend. 
 (I did not use the springform pans, I doubled the brownie recipe and made big cookie-like rounds in cake pans.
AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so inspired about life! It is short and easy to read; my 11 year old read it in a few days. 2 teenaged boys (twins) wrote this book about a rebellion against low expectations. And they are right when they say we have pretty low expectations when it comes to teenagers. Even when I think of my kids, I get stuck in the mindset that they are just kids, they can relax and be lazy and get spoiled- NO! They can do so much! And I see in my boys who are getting older, the happier and stronger they get when we expect more from them...LOVE this book :)

Hope you are having a good summer so far. I've been working on the classroom, switching things around- I want to get that stuff all nailed (literally) in place so I can spend more time with getting the curriculum/lesson plans ready. That is where I need to be more organized. I am going to try and teach even more subjects together. I have always done science, history, Bible, art, music together, but I really want the boys to do English together too, and even spelling and vocabulary...and writing! Really only math needs to be separate. I just feel like when I teach subjects together it is more thorough and planned out as opposed to, "go do your math and come back so I can check it, after I check your brother's math. You know what I mean? I want it to be more like, this is English time! Yay! Let's all say our prepositions together! haha I am a little excited for our school year already :) BUT- I just need to make sure and not spend my summer painting and making the classroom cute-  I need to buckle down and PLAN.

If you homeschool- do you plan and prepare all summer, or just fully take a break? 

Monday, April 15, 2013

what we are learning about kids + technology


About a year ago I was talking to a friend and we were talking about what we have observed other children doing as far as cell phones and games/computer usage. We were pretty much outraged at what parents are the cell phones tethered to their little the going to people's houses and sitting on the couch to use their phone instead of talking to their friends in real life!

Fast forward to this past Christmas where we gave our 11 year old one of our old phones to use as basically an ipod- with limited texting and a few game apps. Fast forward again to the end of January where we gave our 10 year old another of our old phones to use as well.

First of all I must say that I am usually eating my words when it comes to parenting and I am humbled on a daily basis by what I have said in the past and what the reality is in the present :)

We really wanted our kids to be able to listen to music- their cd player had broken and really these phones were sitting in a drawer collecting dust- so why not?! Then things started to creep up and soon our kids were using their phones constantly. For taking pictures (not a bad thing), for checking the weather (not a bad thing), for texting mom and dad (not a bad thing), for blogging on their private blogs (not a bad thing), for listening to music (not a bad thing), for listening to Adventures in Odyssey (not a bad thing), for checking sport team scores (not a bad thing), for playing mine craft (not a bad thing), etc, etc, etc!!! So what was a bad thing was all this combined to make me go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was asking myself, "why, why, why??? Why do they need to be tethered to this thing?????" Why aren't they outside? Why aren't they reading a book? why aren't they drawing a picture?

Disclaimer- we are not totally awful: we did have time limits and rules and just seemed like they were glued to their phones 24/7

So Dave and I had a talk in the bathroom (with the fan on) (our only private place) (...which they probably have bugged and routed to their iPhones). We talked and came up with a a plan. And this plan has worked, AND, the boys have said that they like the plan and that it works.

Our plan (that works for our family and has given me back my sanity...well at least in that area of my life!!)

We keep the phones plugged in in our room. The boys have limited use during the school week (Monday-Thurs). They can come and ask if they are allowed to listen to music- they use it for that purpose and then come and plug it back in. The come and ask if they can listen to adventures in Odyssey, etc....

On Friday and Saturday they are allowed 2 hours each day- this 2 hours is anything tech related. So that means they have 2 hours to play the wii or use their phone to play mine craft, or to watch a movie. Our 7 year old who does not have a phone uses her 2 hours to watch a movie, usually. On Sunday, they have an hour to use for any of those things.

You know what?? We are all happy! Happy to have those boundaries. They are busy bees who read and play outside and talk to (bug) each other. Now I really want to put boundaries in place for myself. If you have been around this blog for awhile you know I get this way once or twice a year and take a week to have a media fast. I am not there yet, but need to have boundaries. Those little tiny chunks of time (standing in line at the store, sitting at a red light, etc) do not always have to be filled with this or that on my phone!!! And certainly, I do not need to be on the phone when my kids are around and I need to be focusing on them.

RABBIT TRAIL....I was listening to Focus on the Family today (like everyday when  I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day) and LOVED this broadcast about moms and daughters and being intentional about talking to them. Listen here (April 15 broadcast). AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Totally doing the tea party idea/potter story with my daughter. (I need to get her book!!!!)

So, bottom line (I think)...parenting is a journey. You learn as you go, sometimes you lead sometimes you follow (name that song). But through it all- GOD is with us; helping, convicting, LEADING...teaching. Thank You, GOD! You are soooo kind and good.

And just to keep things real and me humble, (and to come back from where we started from: the kids on the couch) we had friends over to our house and I look out into the living room and see both boys playing games on their phones with the friends looking over their shoulders....OK, fine...but that's enough! Phones away! Go have old fashioned fun! Go shoot marbles or play stick ball ;)

I would love to hear your experiences with this topic :) I need all the advice I can get! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

video games + our kids

I read a good article today. About technology and the balance of it in our lives.As I was talking to some friends the other day it seemed we all agreed that video games have been a frustration to us as moms. One mom said that her kids were not even allowed to be on the wii because of their fighting when they play (same thing happens at my house- drives me crazy, lately I have said- one person on the wii and everyone else out of that room!! Whatever happened to, "the wii will be nice because we can all play happily together!?) Another mom said she wishes they had never gotten the xbox.

What I loved about the article I mentioned above is the light he sheds on our hypocrisy as parents and how we use technology. All I can say is that things have been out of whack around here. And we do have a very strict time limit. Some days each kid gets 30 min of video games- some days a little longer- more often than not, lately, it's none at all because of the whining and greediness and fighting that seems to go right along with the "fun and games."

I think we do use technology as a babysitter of sorts. I think I need to [as a mom] take more control of the day- sometimes I think that they need to creatively decide what to do all day and they better make good choices! But at ages 10, 8, and 5; my kids need guidance and help. My kids need to be told to go outside and play. They need to be told to read, they need to be told to play a game with their little sister, and write a letter to a grandparent, and weed the garden. They need this help in their lives! For goodness sake, I need this help in my life! Can someone please tell me what to do?! Just kidding, but really, they are not adults yet, and when they grow up, I want them to be responsible and spend their "free" time productively- not just playing video games!!!!!

I know part of the angst I am feeling is because we are winding down from summer vacay- they are bored and need to be challenged and need to get their muscles (and brain) back into gear.

How do you balance technology in your home? How old are your kids? I know that when our kids get older, things will just get more complicated. I would love to hear how you manage these things in your home.

**Bottom line- we are here on this earth to glorify our Great God who made us and loves us- what are we doing to accomplish that when we let our kids stare at a screen all day?! (or when we stare at a screen all day?! :))

Thursday, May 26, 2011

our artsy 5 year old

She is colorful

and creative

never boring

she is always on the look out for more scotch tape

her room is her canvas

her latest sculpture, "Hanger Surprise"

Everyday is an adventure with these children of mine. Thank you, God, for trusting them to my care. I pray that each day would be one that I would embrace as a time to love and teach. To listen to them and take the time to look into their eyes. That I would not seek to just please myself and take each moment I can to sneak off to do my own thing...but that I would use those moments to talk to my precious ones about You. To tell them of Your wonderful Love and salvation. To read them stories and answer the many questions they have. I pray that You would bless this summer- that You would help me to respond to my children in the right way and to enjoy each moment. To savor this time and to be thankful in all things.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday, October 11, 2010

praying for our children

Have I mentioned Sarah's blog before and the praying parent content?? I probably have- it is such good stuff. But I have been reminded of it yet again as I pray for my kids and want to be more specific and intentional in how I pray for them. What a gift we can give our kids when we wrap them each day in our hugs and prayers.

Sarah has an adorable blog with lots of homeschool ideas- and an entire section on the praying parent. Check it out! Great stuff. If I go a few days without praying for my kids, I feel like I have let them out of the house without any clothes on! Naked and cold and shivering. We have an important job as a parent - and we often forget the part that we cannot see.

Another great article on praying for your kids, here....and a quote....
The state of our children's souls before God should drive us to prayer. We should beseech God to protect our children from worldliness, or to rescue them from sin's entanglement. We must ask God to give them an undying love and passion for the Savior. We must pray that God would strengthen their faith and uphold them in the midst of trials.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life as a mom (or mentor to somebody)!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

out of desperation -- the cup of kindness!

I am sure anyone with more than one kid understands the frustration with the fighting and arguing. The other day I was awoken by 2 children running to the bathroom and fighting about who got there first and, "how stupid" it was that the other one got there first. Not a good way to start the day....:(

This is my first attempt to use a visual aid to gauge the proper behavior. I have no idea how it will go, and I know it sort of is using bribery.........but then, I do feel that if the kids are truly trying to show kindness to one another- then I do want to reward that and recognize it and encourage it.

We have 2 systems in place- the first one is a little vase with 3 Popsicle sticks in it for each child. If I hear ugly words, I take out a stick for that child. If they lose all 3 sticks in a day, there will be consequences for that. If they keep all of their sticks for at least 4 days of the week, they get a prize.

Then there is the cup of kindness. When I catch an act of kindness, I move one of the dots into the cup. When the cup is filled, we will have a class party.

Along with this I have added liberal doses of prayer as well as regular Bible reading for their little hearts. And our current favorite verse:

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29
I would love any feedback and your examples of how you have dealt with the fighting and arguing among siblings.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

girls only stay-cation

Dave's parents have moved much closer to us- they are now about 4 hours from us instead of on the other side of the country! We look forward to making many trips to see them. We were all supposed to go to their house this past week, but our littlest was sick. So I stayed home with her while Dave and the boys went and helped them move in.

We were very sad at first, the girls and I (the 4 year old and Sadie). We really did want to go and see everyone.

But then I realized that with one on the couch watching cartoons and getting her rest, and the boys out of the house, Sadie and I could do whatever we wanted!!!!

This is what we (I) did:
(Sadie pretty much sat on the couch and watched cartoons too)

#1- made the salad that I have been dying to try but know that no one else in the house will touch it.......

Pioneer Woman's Favorite Salad Ever, Ever, Ever (or- Asian Noodle Salad)! It is so yummy! I highly recommend it- (although, like always, I left out a few things- most importantly the soy sauce...but it was still really good)

They left on Thursday and got back Saturday. So I made a huge bowl of the salad, stored the salad, noodles, and dressing separately, so when I got hungry I just fixed myself a bowl & some of that crusty bread. YUM! Perfect. I could live off of it (and I did for 3 days...except for that frozen pizza we had...and the snikerdoodles...and the pistachio pudding....)

#2- I got to get out my crafty stuff....I have been using these little goodies for awhile and have to tell you about them. This adhesive paper is pure genius. I am always, always cutting out paper and taping/gluing it to something. To be able to skip the taping/gluing step- that is priceless- just cut (or even rip) the paper, take off the backing and stick it on! LOVE it.

And then the fabric covered brads- I love these too. So much fun.

It was really nice to have time to make some cards.

I was also able to get all of the laundry done in the whole house--- AND folded---and put away. What a good feeling. And then there was the cleaning and ironing. When have I ever had time to just iron things ahead of time? It was the best feeling to take care of my house like it needed to be taken care of.

Towards the end of the weekend, I was adding cheese and bacon to the salad....there are so many different combos to try- but my favorite ingredients were the scallions (green onion) and the cilantro --things my darling Dave would never eat. I think it has just become a tradition- when Dave is away, this salad will get made.

If you can ever get stuck at home by yourself (or nearly by yourself...honestly, I did not totally neglect my precious daughter- she did sleep in my room on the floor :) It will be the best thing to happen to you. I feel like I am ahead of the game at my house for the time being. It is a nice feeling. And it made me see how important these things are to keep up with. Sunday was a much better day since I had everything ironed, cleaned, food prepared....etc.

I have also been making decisions to weed out unnecessary things in my life so that I can keep the house the peaceful and calm place that it needs to be. We, as woman, pretty much decide whether our house is chaotic or peaceful (and I am not talking about the noise level my kids make!). But the more we dedicate to our families and houses, the smoother things will flow for everyone. The more we gallivant all over town doing everything all the time with everybody- no wonder our families feel frayed and strained and stressed.

Sorry to preach at you- I am only preaching to myself. I felt like when I was made to stay at home under those circumstances- it was such a peaceful and right thing- getting back to the basics- having enough time to read my Bible and pray- having enough time to sit with my 4 year old and read and talk. Priceless.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

all about balance

It seems that everything in life is about balance....and so often I get things out of whack.

**How much time to spend with the kids, how much time to make them find things to do on their own.

**How much time to spend on the much time to devote to God and His Word.

**How much fattening foods to eat vs. healthy foods.

**How much money to spend on fixing your house up/how much money to give to help others.

**How much to protect your children and how much do you let them find out the hard way.

**How much time do you devote to helping others vs how much time you devote at home with your own family.

**How much should you make yourself much should you let yourself relax.

I find myself on a roller coaster ride for the most part. One week I am eating healthy foods and counting calories/points. The next I am baking every sweet imaginable and tasting it all. One week I am spending enough (is it ever enough- no) time in prayer- the next week I am not. One week I am glued to the computer screen, another week I am not.

I have been convicted by reading (again.....still) A Woman After God's Own Heart. To make goals. What kind of woman do I want to be in a year- spiritually? mentally? physically. Maybe these goals will help me keep everything in perspective.

It just seems like there are SO many areas to keep track of and if I am diligent in one area- the others slip.

Things get especially out of balance when I get a decorating project in my head and nothing can stop me. There is this inspiration that strikes and when it does- watch out! That was the way with the boys' room- all life stopped (all laundry duties ceased) until I was done with the painting- it had to get done! And of course, the laundry eventually got done, and I am happy that their room is mostly completed.

This inspiration has struck now with our bedroom and I am frantic to get a few things done in there. Meanwhile the kids are needing mama and the laundry needs mama and my husband needs his wife...etc.

So this time I am vowing (asking God for help) to be patient. To relax and realize that the entire room does not need to get painted right now. The furniture does not need to get painted right now. I do not need to have a complete before and after picture to blog about tomorrow!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Not to say that decorating my room is a sin that slows me down...but when my priorities are all completely focused on that goal- I am missing the point of my day which is to grow close to God, encourage my husband, teach and mentor my kids, worship the Lord, keep my house a clean and safe place for my family...

Do you have a hard time keeping your perspective clear? Do you feel like there are 100 things to try and balance daily??

((all that said- WAIT til you see the POLKA DOT sheets I got for our bed......they are the ones that started it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

raising kids with integrity

I was listening to Focus on the Family the other day and heard the broadcast on raising kids with integrity. The speaker was saying that they were having problems in their family such as fighting, bickering, teasing, harsh words, and strife. At this I really perked up my ears- (it seems summer break brings out the best in our kids). They gave a link to kids of This is great stuff.

We are planning on doing the Harmony lessons first. I love how they have sample prayers for the parents- prayers for the kids, memory verses to go along with the lesson, fun activities to reinforce the character trait that you are teaching. Yes! We are seeking to raise kids of integrity- and I feel like it is the hardest job in the world!

Hoping you have a day of peace and harmony.....:)

Today is one of those days for us...

Tomorrow I am making a goal of getting up and spending extra time on my knees.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

those special moments............

reading HOP On POP before bed......doesn't get better than this..........

(although there is also something great about the time after the kids are tucked safely in bed and all is quiet! :)

admit it...who lives for that quiet time when the kids are in bed..........?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it is what do we do?

Today is the third day of summer vacation for us!!!!!!!! I am trying to put plans into place.....we started baseball last night..and ballet starts next week- so that will keep us busy. And our 9 year old gets to go to camp for the first time this year!!!!!!!!

I am looking at the summer as if it were done and what would I have wanted to accomplish?

Here is my list:

+that I would have gotten the boys room completely done (painted, new *thrifted* bedding, things on the wall, window treatments, and desks set up)
+that we will have had some fun field trips- seen new things and been new places
+that we spent lots of time with our friends....going to parks, museums, picnics
+that we made treats and crafts and shared them with people who would enjoy them
+that we got to the beach at least 3 times (being 2 hours from the beach, we have not gone enough)
+that we tried lots of fruits and veggies as we continued to eat through the alphabet
+that we continued our Bible memorization; learning 2 new passages.
+that I did not strangle the kids (!)
+that I put the effort into teaching the kids new crafts or art projects like this, and this
+that we will have met some new friends at the park & around town.
+that the kids will have kept up with their reading logs from the library
+that we will have found ways to serve and help others, together as a family
+that we will have spent more time outside then in
+that we will do those science experiments that I have been putting off!

I will still have them do their chores each day, we will still do devotions together in the morning. God's Word is soooo precious and something we NEED every single day! Even Saturdays...which I have been very convicted about. I seldom remind the kids to read their Bible on Saturday. But that is like having a relationship with your husband and not bothering to talk to him or listen to him on a certain day!

We are going to focus on the fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, on some character qualities that have been lacking in our house. Such as showing love to others- putting others first...etc.

We will also continue to have our quiet time- 1-2 hours everyday. This is where the kids spend the time quietly in their rooms; playing or reading. This helps mom (and them too) have that needed alone time to rejuvenate for the rest of the day.

These things; meals, chores, devotion/story time, quiet time- give our day some structure and help mom keep her sanity!!!! But also, in the summer we can be much more flexible and switch things around if needed, or have them put off chores for awhile in order to play outside in the coolness of the morning.

What are your summer plans?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

from the archives:::Aug 2008:::: why clean a window when you can paint one??

And why finish projects that need to be done when there is something more fun to start!?!?

All of this frivolity is about to end- SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY!!!! Are we ready? Yes, we are ready to get back to a regular schedule- we are ready for the kids to stay busy and challenged.

I know I won't have as much time to do silly things like paint on windows- so this is the day to do it :) The fun part of painting on windows is that it looks so pretty, colorful, and different on the inside and outside. And it is fairly easy to remove (I just use acrylic paint). When you want to take it off you spray with Windex and let it soak pretty good, then scrape carefully with a spatula.

The hard thing about painting on a window is that you cannot be a perfectionist. Every little stroke shows, so you have to just go with it and be happy with the streaks and mistakes and enjoy the color.
A little more on juggling the many, many things in our lives. Dave and I have decided that we have to make concrete goals and then set aside specific times to work on these things. This fall we are setting aside a chunk of time each week for Dave to work on music while I watch the kids, and then also a time for me to work on my art.

This means setting aside family times too- that is very important to us- because it is SO easy for Dave and I to want to work creatively and let the kids run wild :) We know that God wants balance, and this is what we are praying for wisdom about! Wisdom to spend enough time with the kids, to disciple them, to teach them, to love them, to tell them how great our God is!
Sometimes it seems that there are so many fire to put out. But this is where the planning and getting up early comes in handy. Having clear goals and lists of steps to getting closer to that goal are so helpful. When I do not have any goals for a day, it seems like time is spent on meaningless things. A good day would be one where I have written a list of the important things to get done:

Have devotion time with the kids (but I have to plan this too, or it could be wasted time!)
**decide on the verses we need to memorize
**think about what areas my kids need help in- like being kind, waiting a turn. Then use that for a role play activity or find a verse to learn about this
**Help the kids think about how they can pray to the Lord- "We need to thank God for SO many things! What can we thank Him for today? -or- we really have a need in this area ___- how could God help us? What kind of power does He have? How should we pray for that certain need?"

Moving on to my list (getting up early has helped me in this area- getting my heart right with God, and then making the list of important things to do.)

Stay at home moms have a HUGE job just in keeping focus! There is so much to do! But not all of it needs to get done today.

All of that rambling was about as clear as mud....:) But I think my point is that God has plans for us- and He will help us in this area if we give it over to Him and ask Him for help in prioritizing- He will give peace about the right things and unrest about things that don't matter, or that waste our time. I do believe that if you have a creative talent, that He will allow you to use this and take joy in this!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

staying home with the kids {and trying to stay sane}

There is always the controversy about stay at home vs working moms. I feel like I am really blessed because I have the best of both worlds- I get to stay at home with the kids- but I have a really fulfilling job- {painting} and I also enjoy teaching (went to college to be a teacher) and get to teach my children. Also, I enjoy decorating and cooking [but not cleaning- sorry]. I realize that not all people have my situation.

But I have my days too- I love my job, I love my lot in life- but I have my days when I NEED to get out of the house- when the kids drive me crazy.

BUT-----I have learned a few little secrets to making the stay at home job even better. The secret for me is to first of all get up before the kids in the morning. I have heard it SO MANY TIMES --"well my kid gets up at 6:30- there is no way that I can get up before him". After having 3 kids (now I am the expert- haha!) I have learned to make the kid go back to bed- let them read in bed- let them play in bed- teach them to tell time when they get to be about 4 1/2 - tell them they can get out of bed at a set time.

Set your alarm- get up- read the Bible, pray, drink some coffee- get a shower- put on some clothes besides sweats or PJ's. This has changed the way that staying at home has been for me. I am cheerful, I am happy, I feel clean and decent, I feel like I want to see the kids and that our day can begin. So many times I hear the-
"we stay in Pj's until noon and the house looks a mess and the kids wake me up and I get grumpy and try to get them to sleep in the bed with me for a few more minutes and I cannot take a shower and the whole day is awful."

Please- try it with me for a few days and see how you feel about life.
get up earlier than the kids
set your alarm
OR ---this has been a big one for me. Have your husband set the timer before he leaves for his run in the morning and put the timer in the bathroom. So when the timer rings I have to get up- go into the bathroom- and turn it off. Then I want so desperately to get back in bed (this is 6:30 am) but realize that it will be just as painful to get up the second time around and I may as well stay up and I will be so much happier if I do.

Also, throw some exercise into the mix. I feel 100% better when I exercise. I have more energy- I can stay up later. Even just 15 min. of exercise can help.

Then lastly, there are going to be plenty days that you just do not feel like cleaning, or watching the kids, or teaching the kids, or cooking supper, or getting out of bed. We all feel like that. But here is the real challenge- the real test- TRUE love is doing those things when we don't feel like it. True love for God and true love for your family. I have such a long way to go on this one. I like to complain or snap at the kids, or just plain not do the cleaning. When we turn to the Bible for our encouragement, and when we ask God to help us- and when we get up early and do what we can to think about others first- you know what?!?!? Those are the good days- those are the days where we say- this is what God gave made me to do.

So I guess this is still Sara being selfish and saying that when we strive to think of others and do for others and give and work for others- really that just makes us feel better and makes us happy. I can't win for trying :) But hey, I believe that God blesses us even when our attitude might not be 100% what it should be but when we try. We need to try and He will work through us.

I don't know what got me going on my soapbox (there are plenty more of these posts, here and here and here and here and here and here). I guess it is a little pep talk for myself as I get ready to start homeschooling the kids. There will be days when we think we will NEVER get it all done- but if you can say that you loved your family and nurtured your children and talked to them about our great God- then I call that success!

OK, now I remember what got me going on this soapbox. I read a blog comment by a mom (somewhere- don't remember where) where she was saying that staying home with your kids is so boring and awful, etc. And I wanted to tell her all of this and that when you spend time with your kids it is never wasted time and that if you are someone who stays at home and you feel awful, then there are some things to try (one being just spend time talking with your kids and read to them and take them places) and you will not regret it.

What do you think? Do you have a different routine that works for you? How do you get through the day??

**I keep thinking of more things to say!
Nap time and quiet time has saved my sanity! Even the 7 year old has to be in his room for 2 hours in the afternoon - reading, crafting, playing, listening to music - whatever he wants as long as he does it quietly. (we all need down time)

p.s. scheduled time alone such as my Monday night painting times have helped out a lot too. Thanks to Dave for taking care of the kids and letting me be by myself then and also other times for me to get out with friends, etc. (me, me- it's all about me.....hopefully, me wanting to be all about them, them, them!!)

Monday, June 8, 2009


I think Mondays are hard sometimes because of how good Sundays are. We had some great services and the Lord really worked in my heart about several things.....then waking up to the realities of Monday and realizing we have to follow through with those decisions (easier said than done!) and not just obey God in the big decisions, but obey and react right in the little things. (and around the little people....:)

It is so easy to get busy and go here and there and suddenly you realize that the important things have been pushed aside. Oh no! What is more important-- sitting with your children and reading the Bible and explaining it to them and how it applies to their lives, or is more important to run here and there like crazy?!?!??! I look back at last week and counted up the days that the kids and I had that special time together in the morning...I was sad to see that we had missed about half.

What a precious time of life we are in right now. The kids want to sit and listen to the Bible stories, they want to pray, they want to sing songs and read books together. Those simple, important things of life need to be put first! I can usually tell the days when we have not given our day over to the Lord first. The kids are acting selfish- the mom is acting selfish- We have not been reminded to Live for the Lord! To put others first! To look for ways to serve! (and isn't it funny- when we live for God and others, that is when we are happiest)

I need to get my priorities straight. Especially when my decisions and my schedule effects 4 other people directly. We have so little time with our children before they will be gone....

Mondays always end good--my night to paint! Here is my idea for house numbers, Heather. What do you think? These tiny canvases are only about 3"x2". (Heather wants some funky curb appeal- it was her idea :)

Sadie is also at work in the art room tonight-- tasty paper towel?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh My Word!

this post from a year ago....cracks me up because I am in the exact same place I was then!

Today was our first day of summer vacation. We have a concert this weekend, so I needed to get packed and do laundry and clean house, etc. Even though I warned myself NOT to do this- I did it--meaning I expected the kids to do their own thing so I could do mine. I, I, I!!!! Anyway, funny how I was looking back in the archives for something and found the post that I needed to read.

Please, Lord, have mercy on me! (I know you will, thank you!!!)....please remind me to stay in Your Word! Remind me to live for others first! (as I tell my kids to do....)

When we get back from our weekend I am putting the plan into place- the tentative plan is: Mondays --art day
Tuesdays--field trip day
Wednesdays--story time at the bookstore
Thursdays--park day
Friday--water day

This way the mornings are planned and the afternoons are free for us to do our own thing while the 3 year old naps.

All I know is that there needs to be a plan (how many times have I said that in the last month?). Desperation is setting in. Funny how this happens even though we homeschool all year and the kids are home anyway- but you know what- when we homeschool we have a plan!

Do you have a plan? What are you going to do with the kids this summer? I would [obviously] love any ideas :) :)