Friday, November 4, 2016

overdue for an update !!

It's been forever since I've given a proper update!! I'm going to try and do this really fast because (unfortunately) I have no patience for blogging any more :( BUT! I know that I'll really be happy in the future if we have a record of what's going on. Oh boy, here goes....

In January we enrolled Wes in a Christian school close to our was a hard decision at first because we've loved homeschooling, but he just was at an age (or stage) where he needed more than I could give him. We have loved our decision and we love the school!! The teachers and administration love the kids and it's been a great place for him. Wil is going to go as well as soon as he gets into high school next year (9th grade). 

It's been a good transition for us and now I see how nice it is for them to be there for high school. It's also nice that we will ease ourselves slowly out of homeschooling and not all at once !! 

So we are going in several different directions all at once - Wes' school, Wil and Skye homeschool, then other stuff that goes along with it. 

So thankful for God's constant leadership in our lives and showing us which way to go!! HE is so kind!! 

The pictures up there: we switched the boys room with the school room!! So our school room is smaller and downstairs - the boys are upstairs with the weight set and foosball table (it makes more sense that way) 

We are so enjoying running races with the boys!! A color run this summer, and a race in Greenville this past week. Dave ran a half marathon and the boys and I, 5k. 

Oh dear, this doesn't do several months of our lives justice ...there was camping and concerts and who knows what else !! Maybe this will convince me to blog short and regular :) 


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