Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My New Wall!

This orange wall just used to! Now it is happier :) I got the idea here... add some brushstrokes and voila! New and pattern-ful! First I started by painting on white brushstrokes...but Dave and I agreed that it looked like we were trying to patch the I added smaller gray brushstrokes and then a tiny black line.

 It just makes me happy when I walk around the corner and bam! Fun! The best thing- it took about 15 minutes and a tiny bit of paint. Win-win. Here is where it all started......

 My friend had a baby and we decided to paint with the gray brush strokes for his little room. We were going to only do one wall, and ended up painting the whole room- it almost looks like wallpaper. 

This paint technique is very addicting. I have since done another wall in my house! I'll show you soon :-)


Crafty P said...

really fun and inspiring!

Story Twentyfour said...

Inspiring home i too wanne look like same