Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Good and the Bad

I have been sick all week. (that's the bad part) But there have been lots of good parts! My kids have been adorably helpful and nice to their Mama. Dave has made suppers and even a cake! Last night he asked what I wanted for supper and I said cake :) He made it....a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

The one who was the most happy that I was sick was Sadie because she could sit by me 24/7. She gets real frustrated on those days when I do not sit down. She *needs* people to sit with her. It's her dream. So all week she has been my constant companion. The kids sat with me too, although I was worried all week that they would catch what I have (flu-like symptoms; fever, aches, sore throat, cough,)

Funky Fire photo from Thanksgiving

We watched a few movies these past few weeks and WOW! We usually have a knack for picking really bad the fact that the last 3 movies we have watched have been great is pretty wonderful and a record for us! I'll put them in order from Awesome down to really good:

#1 The Hundred Foot Journey (LOVED this movie!) So inspiring...made me want to start cooking lessons with my kids while speaking French to them and opening my house to strangers and feeding them fresh tomatoes and olives from my garden. No, really....I can speak a tiny bit of French...I just cannot grow tomatoes for the life of me. Dave and I enjoyed every minute of this movie. I am going to make the kids watch it next. The colors, sounds, smells, and tastes of this movie will make you smile. (a feast for your senses :-)) (although I hate to give such a glowing review because then, when you watch it you may be was perfect for us because we had no idea what the movie would be like, and from our track record, we figured it would be the worst movie maybe that it why we were so happy. Just get the movie and eh, maybe you'll like it.... :-/ )

#2 The Giver (LIKED this movie) I have loved the book and I enjoyed the family enjoyed this movie. It was different in ways from the book, but I could still enjoy it. Very creative, especially the black & white/color thing.

#3 Upside Down (liked this movie....maybe better than The Giver? Might be a tie for #2) This was an amazingly creative movie. I loved the concept. Science fiction, but believable and very interesting (Dave would not agree so much on the believable part...) The colors and textures were nice too. LOVED the 2 main actors; adorable.

So that was the good part about being sick. Having time to watch some good movies in the comfort of my home with my dear family waiting on me hand and foot....It has taken me all week to see the good in being sick, and now I am gearing up to be almost 100% better :) Hopefully, you, my readers, are feeling fine!

p.s. I almost forgot that we also finally watched Mr Peabody and Sherman with the kids and it was really cute and worth a watch too :)


gailsgarden said...

Glad your are feeling better. Glad you relaxed and enjoyed being waited on. We will try some of the movies. We have the Red Boxes here too.

Love you!

Brooke said...

Hope you continue to feel better. Getting sick is a tough way to come by some rest, but every once in a while it is rather nice to HAVE to slow down. When the people we are constantly busy serving take notice and do nice pay backs, that is a HUGE dose of feel good medicine! :-) Families taking care of Moms is a very good thing. (Maybe you don't have to mention to them how good you are feeling just quite yet. hee hee hee.)

Any Christmas crafting ideas over there? :-) Surely you've got lots of cute things in the works! We checked out some fun winter themed books from the library and are doing some Deep Space Sparkle lessons this week as part of homeschool. Using December as an excuse to do more creative FUN stuff.....loving that!!!

Take care and be well.

Jennifer said...

you need to hurry and get better!! We miss talking with you and seeing you!!