Saturday, September 27, 2014

what is going on over here?!?!?! :) (a long overdue update + photos)

 One of the last things I posted here was the news that we were trying to sell our house. But, thankfully, we have not had to sell our house, but are going to be able to stay here, Lord willing, for a while longer. It's a long story, but one that we have over and over seen God's hand of provision and kindness. Being able to stay here ((at the beautiful and cozy art house)) has been a huge blessing to us and something we now do not take for granted. Each day is a gift! Each breath a blessing from God!

 Art class has been adorable and fun, as usual. I can't get enough of their masterpieces :)

 I mean, look at that texture!

 An ombre sunflower? Genius.

 you can see my August project list here with links (not shown on that pinboard is the barn shingle we  freestyle painted).

you can see my September project list and links here.

The kids' apples took my breath away! Here is the youtube video I watched and modeled the project after.

 Now for an entirely different story.....after we got home from visiting my parents in Canada this summer, my mom found out her breast cancer had come back. She was scheduled for a mastectomy and I got to fly and be with them for the surgery and after. (photo: flying over Toronto)

 It was so good to see my parents again and to spend about 9 days with them. Mom went through the surgery well and has recovered so nicely. I was nervous and at times a bit teary, but God gave us such an amazing peace throughout. I know her recovery is not over and it will take awhile to get her energy fully back, but I am encouraged every time I talk to her, she is very upbeat and doing well.

 We were able to take Mom out for a nice drive along the coast. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous day, and delicious lunch of fish and chips.

 It was very relaxing and quiet at their house :) We would sit for hours watching movies and stitching on our little projects. I would call Dave to check on them and there was always a ruckus in the background :) Dave was awesome...kept things going at home and just was a great hubby and dad. Our friends and family on both sides (ours and my parents') were AMAZING....meals, childcare, cards, calls, emails, PRAYERS......just a tangible way everyday that we saw God's love and help.

 Sweet times...

 Fun times too....

 I was the maid :) Making up for all those times when my mom catered to me when I had my babies :) But really, I had an easy job :-)

 Flowers from Mom's garden.

The infamous brownie on a lettuce leaf (when I was little, I brought her a brownie on a lettuce leaf) So we had to recreate that.


School has been in session for us for about 4 weeks and so far we are loving the Sonlight curriculum. We have enjoyed the book selections and I have seen the kids being stretched in their writing skills. I honestly pinch myself when I walk into our school room and know I get to spend a great portion of the day in that happy room with my 3. God is so kind to us and I know I don't deserve it.

I hope all is well with you, reader! Thank you for reading this update and thank you, also, if you have prayed for my mom!

P.S. Focus on the Family had a great broadcast yesterday dealing with character building in our kids. Loved this- we are going to try and implement some of these ideas:

Intentional Parenting

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Brooke said...


How wonderful to get an update from the art house!

What a beautiful testimony to God's faithfulness as you share about your lovely Mom. I'm very happy that you were granted time to spend with her, and I pray her health will continue to improve. How scary it must be to have such great distance between you during trying times.

We have used Sonlight off and on for many years. (One of my high schoolers is doing American Govt right now.) We have SUCH precious memories with these books! I'm not allowed to get rid of ANY of them, and I know my kids will fight over them someday! The big joke here is that I usually start crying too hard to read aloud, so it's really a good thing when the kids learn to read well enough to be able to take over when I start bawling. (Often.) ha!!!!! So many of those stories are deeply touching.

PRAISES that your family is still in the art house, and may God continue to grant provision. Your gratitude is beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, those sunflowers make me swoon!!! I love your art ideas, and find constant inspiration on your blog. I hope you will continue to update in this space. I always love visiting and reading.

I just started a new blog myself for our current homeschool journey with my youngest.

Have a wonderful week!!