Wednesday, August 13, 2014

JULY aRt ClaSs

Welcome! come in and get creative :) 

 The kids always have an easy project to work on at the beginning until everyone gets to class. This was a fun little robot that the kids could color and personalize.

 This project was so much fun, in fact, I was surprised at how much the kids loved it. They could have kept painting and painting. I gave them all sorts of sticks and leaves and pinecones, etc. They used these nature bits as paint brushes.

The 100 year old self portrait was super cute. I found the idea here...the best part...the brown paper face made from wrinkled brown paper.  We looked on the Internet at pictures of people who were 100 years old. 

The dolphin drawing was from here. Thank you, Marty Nystom!

The robot template is here.

  The flowers were made from tissue paper strips taped (with washi tape) to sticks. A fun bouquet :)

Art class is so much fun and a huge blessing!!!! My boys have outgrown it, but they hang around in the living room to play games with any kids who finish a project early. My daughter is still loving it and when she is not a student, she is my right-hand-helper-lady :)

I am excited about the August class coming up on the 22nd and 25th....lots of great stuff....studying the artist Winslow Homer....ships....sunflowers....and sculptures using a fun summer toy (what could that be?!?!?). I have a few spots left in each me to inquire (saramincy @