Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Are Moving!

****Updated to add that we are not moving at this time! Yay! Who knows what the future holds, but for now we are here and happy :) 

I know?! Who would want to leave this colorful house? We would.....Dave's new job (which he loves, he's a mortgage loan officer) is one that will take awhile to get up and running. We have been house poor for awhile and need to rent something smaller. So we are praying that God will allow us to find a cute and cheap little house with the perfect location, gorgeous yard, and friendly neighbors :-) (why not pray specifically?! I am focusing on the cute part)

Let me know if you would be interested in our house or if you know someone who would. We are in the Raleigh area (a really nice and cute suburb) looks like we will be putting it on the market in May.

And, do you know of anyone wanting to rent out their house?

I am totally in pack and organize mode! WHHOOOO hooo- and can't wait to have a blank canvas to decorate once we get in a new place!!!!


Stephanie said...

How fun it will be to decorate a new place! Best of luck with finding a home and with the move. Sad to see your happy home go, but you'll all just bring your happiness with you :)

Debby said...

It would be hard for me to let go of your happy house, Beautiful inside and out. I am sure that the next one will be special as well. Good luck on the sale of your home and your looking for a new one.

gailsgarden said...

Looks good, Sara!

gailsgarden said...

Looks good, Sara!

Mica Garbarino said...

oh wow! That is wild! i will be praying for you guys to find a new blank slate which you will surely turn it into something amazing. I was actually going to ask if I could do a blog post of your home as a tour...I know you have done one through Home Made lovely. But if you would give me permission I would love to share your current home on my blog. Let me know if that would be alright with you... I can get pics. from your blog that you already have so it wouldn't be any work to you. Plus I will share that you need a buyer!!! Blessings on your new adventure, perhaps i can even share your new future home once you find it, and decorate!!! hugs, Mica @ Frolicking Freckles Blog

Bekah Flaming said...

I shared your post with Molly (Akins) Strouse. They live in the area, too.