Saturday, April 12, 2014

COLOR: 2 Ways

We colored eggs at our last art class- I used a new technique that was sooo fun and so beautiful. I saw the idea here.

Step one) Splash a hard boiled egg with white vinegar (that's a kid arm there in the photo :)

Step two) Squirt with food color (my tip- give the kids choices of either cool colors or warm colors. I put yellow, orange, red, and pink food color bottles in one container, and the rest of the colors in another (blues, greens, purples). The kids could pick either hot or cold colors (good way to review :)  If you let the kids use all of the colors they run together to make a nice brown...and hey, if that is what you are going for, that is fine- we were going for vibrant!)

 Shake the egg around (that's a kid hand there shaking the egg around :)

 Let the egg sit for 30 seconds. Everyone count together! Math practice too :)

 Rinse and enjoy the beautiful egg! (yeah, that's my hand there holding the egg)

 I have tried so many egg dying methods and this is by far my favorite.

Now for color #2.............................
Lydia, Jen, and I ran in a Color me Rad 5k a few weeks ago. It was colorful :) And fun...the best part is that you are so distracted with all of the color (and not getting the powder in your mouth :-/) that you don't feel how painful the running is :) Even though I don't actually run enough for it to be painful...I totally believe in a walk/slow jog combination for optimum health :)



(we did start with white shirts)

Hope you have a colorful weekend! We are enjoying having Dave's parents here. The weather is perfect! 

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