Monday, March 31, 2014 much art!

I am going to document 2 kids' art classes and one of my ladies' art classes, so hold on! It's going to be a colorful ride :)

Here is one of my sweet little students with her foil art. Foil is fun to color on if you have the right tools; permanent markers.

We read the Cat in the Hat and then we drew the silly guy (drawing directions here)

I bought the 97 cent wooden frames at wal-mart so the kids could paint them and then paint a watercolor to go inside.

Fishy collage.

(The bubbles were stamped with the end of a toilet paper tube - which is good because I have TONS of toilet paper tubes! We save every single one. We also save cereal boxes and jars. Art teachers have to be horders :))

Here I am getting ready for my adult class!

Oh my goodness! We had so much fun!

This crayon melting project was awesome!! I have seen tons of different variations on the turn the hair dryer on and point it at your crayon, as your crayon gets hot you start coloring on the canvas.

Yarn art! We had done some sewing in my kids' class, we loved it too :)

Back to kids' classes....these clear gel balls (get them at the dollar store near the vases) are super fun for the kids. $1 can buy a bunch of fun....they took them home and can play with them more or leave them out and see them shrink back to the tiny beads they once were.

Good ole Mona...she's always good for some laughs :) The kids always ask..."why is this the most famous painting ever???"

I don't know?? Because her eyes follow you?

She got a makeover :) You should have seen when the bows and eyelashes were added....

This was a hit....marshmallow painting! I gave the kids a paper plate with several colors of paint, they used large marshmallows as a brush. Such smooth application...really relaxing. They enjoyed just swirling the colors around and around on their paper.

Self portraits! LOVE!

More clear gel beads.

Back to the Girls' Art Nite. Here are the projects we made in our March class. My next class is May 22. More info here.

I hope you enjoyed those fun projects. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to spread the joy of ART and creating :)


Jennifer said...

love the dr. suess and the adult projects.

Lydia said...

So much color. And fun!!! Love that someone is giving that blow dryer and crayon art the white glove treatment. Hahaha.