Tuesday, March 4, 2014

art class [24] LeRoy Neiman!

 Artist LeRoy Neiman

 Neiman's Cats

 Neiman's golf ball

 Here you can see size of golf ball. (from here)

During our last art class we learned about American artist, LeRoy Neiman. The kids and I loved looking at his brilliantly colored works of art. I love, love, love his use of texture and color. Color, color, color! Wow.  We looked at his Big Cats collections and created our own Neiman inspired lion. I guided the drawing of the face, then the kids used pastels to make a colorful mane...we added a background page and sponge painted on more color for the mane, finally snipping cuts around the page for more texture. (I was inspired by this picture)

We enjoyed seeing Neiman's huge golf ball. We made our own golf ball sculptures using plastic practice golf balls....we rolled these in paint similar to a marble painting project. That made 2 works! The ball and the paper it was rolled on. (I used cereal boxes to roll the ball in)....I cut squares of florist foam so the kids could stick a golf tee in it and then glue on the ball (thanks, Dave, for the golf tees I found in your golf bag, heehee)

Other projects:
+torn building collages (idea here I always try to link to original source, but if I can't, I link to pin)
+ yarn medallions (idea here)(I want to make more of these myself)

Fun, fun! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for letting me teach these precious children and to enjoy them enjoying art! I am so blessed.

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Jennifer said...

I love the theme!! I also like the golf ball idea. I've used marbles before, but I think the golf balls would work better.