Thursday, February 13, 2014

Art Class #22


These kids are so cute. At one point when one of my precious 6 year old students was washing his hands, he looked around at my patchwork back splash and said, "this whole house is art!"

Another cute conversation started when I asked the kids what pet would they want if they could have any animal. One little boy told me he wanted a lion. When I asked him where it would sleep he said, in my brother's bed.


Leopard (Idea from here)
Hedgehog (idea from here
Balloon printing
Forgot to picture- white house drawings- used this image for step by step drawing.
Sewing...I went to Michaels and got round plastic disks made for sewing, plus blunt needles used for yarn
Moon sand...recipe here

I went a little crazy for the sewing project and used up the rest of the disks....


Gobs of art on the wall = happy Sara :)


gailsgarden said...

Such cute, fun projects!

Debby said...

It has to be so much fun to come to your house for art. I love what the little boy said, well both of them hah.
Really cute projects.