Monday, January 6, 2014

To Canada and Back

 When we left our house it was sunny and warm! I wore flip flops in the car....

 but 2 days of driving later and this is what we see!

 lots of bathroom breaks on this trip....

 lugging our luggage thru the hotel....

 finally to the great white North!

  BuNdLe up!

 To Grandma's house we go!

 Oh so much snow...

 beautiful, fluffy snow.

 Dad and his Elmer Fudd hat :)

 The kids love to sled (or slide as they say..)

 Putting on the layers.

 SOOOO cozy inside! Except for the few hours on Christmas morning when we didn't have power! In fact, we had to stay in town the whole time and didn't get to stay at the farm because the farm lost power.

 Poor Dave got a lump of coal in his stocking from his, and you used to be known as the favorite son-in-law!

 The stockings were hung...

 more snow...

 more stockings...

 We made snow cream! Just snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla. It was delicious!

 Grampa reading the Christmas story.

 Sleeping on the floor.

 Our little glimpse of Saint John (New Brunswick) as we traveled through to get to my parents' house in Moncton. The Hilton on the left is where Dave and I stayed the night of our wedding, and then on the right...uptown where I went to high school.

 Mom gets a button wreath from her grand daughter.

 Our little accident on the highway in Maine...we swerved on the ice, crossed the road and into a snowbank. God protected us and no one was coming either way, or it could have been serious.

 My mom and I had a nice walk around the lake. The houses were especially pretty with the icicles hanging from roofs.

 The icicles (!)

 The pink!

 Mom and Dad, you made our Christmas so nice and special! We love you and miss you already.

One last picture of Dave being the sweet son-in-law that he is, and shoveling the sidewalk :)


Monica said...

I had to show these pics to Bobby (who is refusing to leave the house due to the cold weather), and he said, "mmm. You'd think all the germs up there would freeze."
And I'm thrilled to see that your family eats snow cream! I made some once and my friends all freaked out about how unhealthy snow was. I still think they're weird.

Jennifer said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures!! I miss snow cream (although it's been so long I wouldn't know how to make it now). I also got a kick out of the picture of you at the rest stop!!

Lydia said...

Oh, what beautiful photos! Love the Elmer Fudd hat and jacket, I want a set like that! Love the snow and the BEAUTIFUL town! Your mom is beautiful and so are you. Lots of fun and memories! So thankful no one was hurt in the accident!!!!

Yolanda Beatty said...

Oh Sarah, what beautiful pictures. What precious memories you and Dave are making for your children. Looks like you had a good ole fashioned Christmas. I hope poor Dave got more than a piece of coal for Christmas! LOL

cranny + me said...

I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful time and even MORE glad that you are SAFE! That story reminded me of the time that Dave did a similar thing while driving back/to school during a Christmas break. I shared your story with the ladies at Bible study today and we thanked God for keeping you all safe : )