Sunday, December 8, 2013

these Chameleons are so cute, I can't even stand it!!! [(art class weaving, candleholder, pumpkin putty, pumpkin pie)]

We read the Mixed up Chameleon by Eric Carle (lots of giggles for that one!) I led the kids in a step by step drawing...they did such a good job! Then they painted their chameleons with watercolor. I got pictures from the Friday class, but didn't have time to take pics from the Monday class, so parents if you see your child's missing, that's why! Each child did a beautiful job. These need to be framed :)

I saw the step by step drawing lesson online and now I can't find it :( 

 Then we mod podged tissue paper onto little jars. These look so pretty when the candle is lit.

 weaving! warp! weft! loom!

 Pumpkin putty! Just salt dough with added orange food color and pumpkin pie spices.

(salt dough: 1 cup flour, half cup salt, half cup water...mix and knead into a play dough)

Pumpkin pie! Each little artist painted a paper plate orange and brown and added spices on top (these pies smelled good) They cut the pie and glued it to a plate...plate to a paper place mat, and added plastic utensils and napkins. The "whip cream" was a shaving cream/glue mixture.

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