Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I can't stand it, I want to put up a tree! :-)

This was from that year that I put up a "thanksgiving tree"

I am so tempted to do it again. There is something about it being so dark early in the evening that screams for a cozy tree lit up in the corner :)

BUT I am going to show great restraint and wait until November 25....:)


Crystal said...

I'm putting mine up by this weekend ;)

Monica said...

I've had a tiny one up in the dining room for a while now - It's all decorated for fall. A couple weeks ago I made one for the sun porch out of an old tomato cage. (Also decorated for fall) I'm dying to put up another - In the kitchen, but I'm out of fall decor and CAN'T do Christmas yet. I promised my husband and my parents (they will be here soon!) that I'd wait till Thanksgiving weekend. I MIGHT put up the kitchen tree and leave it bare except for lights.