Thursday, September 12, 2013

contact paper luv

 Awhile back I found this gray floral Laura Ashley contact paper at TJ cute....this poor little dresser gets bumped all the time and spilled on...its in the kitchen, so I use it for art class as well as a sideboard. Contact paper makes it easy to clean up.

 More contact paper! These open shelves used to be a pantry with doors...til I took the doors off- so now its more like a china-cabinet-if-sara-would-ever-have-such-a-thing.....yes, I would totally put play-doh in a china cabinet....speaking of kindergarten chic...I love this quote below and totally relate (except I probably wouldn't go as far to say I am smart and tough...but the rest is true! :))

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Creatively Content said...

Ok I have found difference between you and me.."glitter". Oh how I struggle with glitter. So shinny and glittery it calls to me and my kids but nope I am stingy with the glitter. Ode to be a free glitter lady. :) Enjoy your posts they make me smile. :)