Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bubble Painting

I think you have figured out by now how much we love art class and what a highlight it is to our week....I just pinch myself because I have the best job ever! Even the research and prep work is fun. There is a treasure trove on the Internet of interesting and diverse projects. This was an easy one:  1)Mix food color into a bottle of bubbles 2)Blow bubbles onto paper.

And the results:



The secret to the stellar finished product is to use watercolor paper. I **love**watercolor paper. It can take a mediocre wrinkled art project and elevate it to a polished beautiful work of art (in my opinion :))

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)

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Creatively Content said...

Going to do this!! Seems simple and the results and fun. Thank you. I am lacking art in our days this year. :( However we just started so I still have time to tweak the schedule.