Wednesday, August 21, 2013

art class [12] citrus//typewriters//GOO//castles

Goo (recipe here) This is SOOO fun- the kids loved it. (also called slime)

Citrus print/watercolor painting (print idea here)

Typewriter- 1) glue newsprint onto poster board (I like to get colored poster board from the dollar store and cut into 4 pieces)
                  2) on a separate piece of construction paper, demonstrate how to draw a typewriter shape, cut out, glue onto newsprint page.
                  3) add white paper, gluing just the bottom as if coming out of the typewriter.
                  4) give kids magazines so they can cut out letters and numbers to add to the typewriter as well as the paper.

Castle drawing (link here

Exciting news for art class! I have added Monday classes. The Friday classes have been filling up, so the Friday and Monday classes hopefully will accommodate all my interested students! The Friday and Monday classes will have the same projects. So the above projects were all done this past Monday as well as Friday. This works well for my kids too- they get to be a student in one class and a helper in another. Some are better helpers than others and this *should be lessons well learned :)

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gailsgarden said...

I always wish I could come as a student! What fun projects! I think I know who drew the purple castle.