Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a r t class #13 //giraffes//marbling//twig mobile

What a fun class! I think the marbled pots are one of my very favorite projects ever!!!! Then after class, I tried my hand at marbling whatever I could find--paper (beautiful), clothes pins (fun!), jars (not so good), a balloon (cute!).

Wish I would have taken pictures of all of the drawn and chalked giraffes. They were adorable.

The twig mobiles turned out cuter than I thought they would. I ripped strips of white cotton fabric and had the kids paint on the fabric with watercolors.

Marbled pot idea found here
Giraffe drawing idea found here
Twig mobile inspired from this

great parenting read:
talking to our children about beauty


Crystal said...

Giraffes are my favorite!!!!

Lydia said...

The marble pots are beautiful! When I get some room and time around here, I may make some:) Love all your ideas!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Love everything! Always fun to visit your little bit of blogosphere! HEE!