Tuesday, July 9, 2013

art class #9

We love art class day, have I mentioned that a few hundred times? :-)

Projects and links for class #9

Terrariums (idea from here)....we drew a jar with crayons and added lines for dirt, added plants, making sure to draw our roots with white crayon...when we painted with watercolor, the roots magically appear. We glued on rocks and lentils to the dirt layers.

Dotty coffee filters (idea from here)...we sprayed the filter with water and then used bingo dotters to make designs.

We drew penguins! (Directions here)

We played around with salt + glue art (kinda messy...idea here)

We made symmetrical butterflies by cutting out a butterfly shape, squirting paint on one side and folding the paper together to get a design...(sorry no pics of this?? And not sure where the idea came from...)

**I have room this Friday for class! email me to sign up.

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Jennifer said...

we can't mae it this week, but if you have other dates this summer, please let me know.