Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what's been going on....(food and deals and a book and seacreatures and school plans)

 Looking through Dave's phone I saw these pictures and I said, "Awwwww"

I luv this guy!

Then I found more pictures that I don't think I have posted yet.
 We went to an aquarium not too long ago as a family and got in for free because I told them we homeschooled. Most of the time you have to plan ahead, call ahead, or at least have your homeschool ID card with you, but this lady let us right in! Yay for homeschool perks! (just a plug to always tell everyone you homeschool - you will either get free admission, or a strange look :)

He knows he's cute :)

Another homeschool deal; we got into the children's museum and IMAX for about $15 less than regular priced tickets.  Here is my little gardener, watering at the museum garden.

 TUeSDaY treats at ColdStoneCreamery...on Tuesdays you buy one kid cone and get one free. The kids and I went and spent a total of $5 and each got a cone with a mix-in...super great deal :) What can I say? We're cheap :)

Alright, SO- we have already had "bored" kids around here! I am mean and make them go outside when its hot...and they knock and whine and knock and whine until FINALLY I see this; they found something to do. Yesterday it was collect ants and call then George. I have to STAY STRONG and make them stay outside!!!!

We had Granna and GiGi here a few weeks ago and I made this DEATH by peanut butter and chocolate dessert. It was so naughty and soooo good. Here is the recipe- but I warn you- I think I gained 3 pounds that weekend. 
 (I did not use the springform pans, I doubled the brownie recipe and made big cookie-like rounds in cake pans.
AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so inspired about life! It is short and easy to read; my 11 year old read it in a few days. 2 teenaged boys (twins) wrote this book about a rebellion against low expectations. And they are right when they say we have pretty low expectations when it comes to teenagers. Even when I think of my kids, I get stuck in the mindset that they are just kids, they can relax and be lazy and get spoiled- NO! They can do so much! And I see in my boys who are getting older, the happier and stronger they get when we expect more from them...LOVE this book :)

Hope you are having a good summer so far. I've been working on the classroom, switching things around- I want to get that stuff all nailed (literally) in place so I can spend more time with getting the curriculum/lesson plans ready. That is where I need to be more organized. I am going to try and teach even more subjects together. I have always done science, history, Bible, art, music together, but I really want the boys to do English together too, and even spelling and vocabulary...and writing! Really only math needs to be separate. I just feel like when I teach subjects together it is more thorough and planned out as opposed to, "go do your math and come back so I can check it, after I check your brother's math. You know what I mean? I want it to be more like, this is English time! Yay! Let's all say our prepositions together! haha I am a little excited for our school year already :) BUT- I just need to make sure and not spend my summer painting and making the classroom cute-  I need to buckle down and PLAN.

If you homeschool- do you plan and prepare all summer, or just fully take a break? 


The Andlers said...

i'm a fellow north carolinian. which aquarium and museum did you guys go to? it doesn't look familiar.

The Andlers said...

i'm a fellow north carolinian. which aquarium and museum did you go to? they don't look familiar.

Lydia said...

Love that book!! Read it when it first came out, but need to revisit it now that we have a pre-teen. Our copy is bouncing around CBC somewhere- who knows who has it? :) Homeschool- I am taking a REAL break this summer, no planning until August! Although I kinda already know what I'm doing:) I'm waiting to see how God directs our steps before I do big planning.

Great photos!!! Good deals, also!

Jennifer said...

the cold stone looks so good. I may have to try that. we are so cheap that we never go there...maybe once every 2 years!!

Sonja said...

I need to start planning our very first homeschool year! I'm excited and slightly terrified...
I love the picture of your husband as a hermit crab. He's a good sport. :-)