Monday, June 24, 2013

art class #8 ::ice cream::monsters::cupcakes::bubblegum::woven hearts::

 We learned about the American Artist, Wayne Thiebaud....we looked at his famous cakes, ice cream cones, and bubble gum machines:

He is an inspiration! The kids were impressed with the texture and beauty of his work. 

 hello! It's art class day! :)

 ...shaving cream again! This time with cupcake liners and candles.

 Monsters with paint you blow with a straw. I am happy to say no one got so light headed that they fainted!

 add some eyes: instant monster

 we drew ice cream cones, outlined with black and painted with watercolor. Each child had to tell me what flavor they painted.

 Bubble gum machines !!!

 Some added the shadow...

Woven hearts- basically pipe cleaners shaped into a heart with string wrapped around.

shaving cream cupcakes
woven hearts
bubblegum machines

We had such a good time, our eyes googled  :)


Connie said...

It looks like everyone had a delightful day. Those kids were really into making art, and that just puts a huge smile on this face of mine. Thanks for sharing all the art and fun!
Connie :)

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! Looks like we missed a fun class. Hoping to get Jenna back over there for another one.

gailsgarden said...

Cute, fun art projects!

We're home!