Monday, May 13, 2013

mark your calendar!

coffee filter, tissue paper, + twig flowers in vase

 cake card

 watercolor flowers card

 watercolor cones

 watercolor on canvas- my favorite subject matter- cake! :) 


 tiny canvas + watercolor

I've been working on art to sell at a local art fair! I am so excited! I am sharing the booth with my dear friend Marilou. She's crocheting bags and dog collars and other stuff that I need to get pictures of to post on here too. If you live in NC or close by, email me for info. ( The fair is Saturday, June 1, 10:00-4:00. **if you come and see me there and tell me you heard about the fair from my blog I will give you a prize :) :) I know you are dying to know what the prize will be, aren't you ?!?


Jennifer said...

awww man....we will be out of town that day!!

Lydia said...

DO NOT let me forget about this!!! I REALLY want to support you and Marilou!!!! That is a crazy week for us but I am determined to go!!! All your art looks amazing. I need cards badly and that tiny canvas is great!

gailsgarden said...

CUTE, VERY, VERY CUTE! (an unbiased opinion from your mom)

Trisha said...

Oh no, I have been away from my computer for awhile...I would have loved to see your work. I live in Cameron, NC so hopefully you will do another show. :)