Monday, May 27, 2013

art class [#7]:::GOO/foxes/origami/beeHive

Waiting for our students to arrive

What is in that bowl?!?

 Goo! Cornstarch + shaving cream makes a nice gooey, moldable, messy dough.

Origami time: Dogs first, then tadpoles 

 You just have to love this little dog named Steve.

 Drawing, outlining, then painting foxes.

 Cutest bunch of foxes :)

 Bee hives painted with bubblewrap-- I glued a piece of bubblewrap to cardboard, creating a stamp.

Queen bee :)

recipe for goo
Origami dog
I cannot for the life of me remember where the link is for the bee project!


Only 4 more days 'til the art fair! I am going to try and take photos of the stuff I'm selling to put on here before Saturday. And I'm really excited that 3 of you have emailed me to say you live in NC and can possibly come on Saturday! How fun! I will have a little prize bag ready for my dear blog readers :)


Jennifer said...

as always, too cute!!! Good job!

gailsgarden said...

Love the art projects! They are all artists with a good teacher!

Jacqueline said...

Everything is so cute! I am so in love with the bee project Sara :) You are such a great art teacher ;)