Sunday, May 19, 2013

art class #6 [clay pots/trees/owls/black circles]

I can't tell you how we look forward to art class day!  I LOVE seeing the different results! The kids are given the same lesson and same supplies, but their color choices and way of adding their own creative spin make the result a delightful surprise.

clay recipe
tree project
black circles
owl step-by-step

We talked about how paper is made and I showed them a youtube video (I can't seem to find the exact video, but there are lots on there on how wood is turned into paper). We also read 2 books about trees/gardens:

It is amazing to me how much you can get done in 2 hours! AND- how behavioral problems are zero when the kids are kept so busy....:)

This is Mrs. Sara when class is over :) haha

((fyi---new pricing for art class for siblings- first child $20, each additional sibling- $10))


cranny + me said...

I wish my kids could be there for your art classes! : )

Danielle said...

Hi Sara! Saw this on Craft Gawker and though of you and your art kiddies (obviously!)