Tuesday, April 9, 2013

art class #3 {peacocks/dandelions/weaving/lego people}

 Found the peacock project here. If you click that link you can see a great step by step description of the project, plus a fabulous little video of a live peacock (made the kids say, "WOW!")


 I had a blank lego man template that the kids colored. Very cute. Nice to do when they first came in.
You can get that template here.

 We kinda ran out of time to finish the dandelions. I get almost all of my step-by-step drawing ideas from Art Projects for Kids. Kathy is AWESOME!!!! I can't say enough about her and how she inspires me to teach art.

I am having so much fun teaching every Friday! Art class is just like breaths of fresh, spring, colorful air in my lungs :) :) It is a perfect job for a homeschool mom. Perfect for my kids- they love having new and old friends come over to create with them! Yay. (that being said, I do have some spots left in my April classes :)


Jennifer said...

Jenna loved it and I can't wait to send her over the summer. Way to use your talents, Sara!!

Kellie said...

Sign me up! ;)