Wednesday, March 13, 2013

these are the pictures I found on my phone, and the stories they tell.

 HI! Here's me saying HI and hope you are having a good week :) Here's me with my little painted necklace that I was selling at my art booth last week (no one bought it, so I get to wear it a little longer :)

 Hi! Here's my sweet boy and my little doggie reading and being all cozy in the morning. Best thing ever about homeschool???? We don't have to rush in the mornings...and I think the kids have gotten wise to the way to keep things real slow...if they are reading...I let them read and read and read. The second they start fighting with each other or getting LOUD, that's when they start chores immediately :)

 My girl....what can I say about her?! This is what she does with her handwriting makes me smile :)

 OK, here are some samples from my sale- this was a card...the yarn was holding a price tag in the back- that's what the yarn was doing :)

 Another card. I made a lot of cards.

 Card- and one of my favorite verses ever!

 This was from the birthday party. Clear balloon with confetti! First I tried sprinkles in the clear balloon- that was a big mistake, they melted a little and then they clumped at the bottom in a big pile. Paper confetti was cute.

 More reading! They may fail math, but they sure can read- ahaha...."DAVE! Can you come help with math!?!"

 More from the party...

 Place settings from the party..

  And just ONE more peek at the cake :) :)

 I've had a cough/sore throat for about a week and so the kids have been helping me out and reading for me at story/Bible/history/science time. (the picture is recent, the calendar needs to be updated :) oops. (how is it the middle of March?!?!!)

 I love playing words with friends on my phone. I hate playing with Dave because he always SMOKES me. I love playing with my boys because I can beat them- except my 11 year old has started to BEAT me!! Naughty boy. I was reallllllly ecstatic to get a 72 point word! Very rare for me :) If you play words with friends I am saramincy.

 Another card.

 How in the world did another photo of the cake sneak in here?!?!?!

 I also made is one....

 I did some framed art...

 Peek at the booth.

 Plates too!

 And canvas art.

 Another plate.

And last but not least - this little felt owl made by my 7 year old who can thread the needle all by herself now (which is a HUGE blessing because I always had to thread it for her and that means threading the needle about 100 times a day :)

Love to you from ME :) (and NO, I am not going to apologize for all of my smiley faces and CAPITAL letters :):) I'm being myself (everyone else is taken)


Sonja said...

I love love love the "If in doubt..." card. You don't happen to still have that one, do you? I'd quite possibly buy it if you do. :-)

cranny + me said...

I loved all of this : )

Creatively Content said...

completely enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

cute, cute cute!

Debby said...

So glad you are doing your art again. Will you be dog your etsy shop again. Good work on that owl.......the girl has talent.

Connie Carlson said...

Love this post, Dear Sara! Love you too! Auntie XXOO

gailsgarden said...

We all may fail math, but we all can read, read, read. I loved seeing your sale items!

Gotta go, I have a new Jennifer Chiaverini book (Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker, her 1st historical fiction) to start.

Kellie said...

Love it all... but fav has to be the little Sara's handwriting paper! Now who wouldn't give an A+ for that paper!!!!! LOVE IT!

Kellie said...

Love it all but my fav has to be lil' Sara's handwriting paper... LOVE IT! Now who wouldn't give an A+ for that paper!!!! Just made me smile!

Lydia said...

You is smart. (that 72 point word is IMPRESSIVE.)
You is creative. (all your art is amazing and makes me happy.)
You is beautiful. (that top photo of you is gorgeous.)

Yes, I realize I took that "you is" quote from "The Help" which I haven't even seen yet. Have you? Girls movie night in soon?

pattie said...

Your daughter's handwriting is too precious! Thanks for the peek into your world from a fellow homeschool Mom!:)

Gini Mincy said...

Loved seeing all the cards and bookmarks -- everything! Wish I could have been there for the sale!