Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my girly-girl 7 year old baby had a pretty party

 tasty treat bags

 cute cups

 newly pierced ears :)

 four layer strawberry buttercream cake

 with an sweet rose on top

 bunting and birthday wishes

 balloons and tissue flowers

 winter roses picked over the fence

 tiny sandwiches and fruit bites

 pink and red and coral

 7 candles

raspberry ice cream to match

A pretty party for our pretty girl.

((thank You, Jesus, for her :)) 


Jennifer said...

love everything that you did. Skye will never forget everything you do for her. you put a special touch in all you do.

gailsgarden said...

How fun! How girly! Widh I had been invited!

Kellie said...

Bravo! Sooooo cute and fun! My invite must have been lost in the mail :)

cranny + me said...

These are beautiful pictures. What a wonderful party for such a wonderful little gal : )

Jeremy and Amy said...

How is she 7 already???!!!! Very pretty.

Debby said...

what a cute party. Love the cake and the treat bags. Happy 7 to your daugh My granddaughter turn 7 tomorrow. Then in 6 weeks another ones turns 7 and then in 6 weeks another one but grandson this time turns 7. Our tripletts, hah.

Connie said...

What a beautiful party . . . I am sure that she was over joyed. It is easy to see that a lot of love went into every detail :)

Lydia said...

We were sad to miss it:( Yay on the ears pierced. Lauren will try for the SECOND time on her bday this year. Hopefully we have no infections this time around and they stay pierced!!! Cute photos.

Mark and Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Skye!

I love the colors that you chose!
That might be what I do for my next one.... :)

Miss you all,

Mrs. E said...

Great treat bags! You are so very creative!!

Heather said...

So creative! LOVE the gift bags and would love to know where you found the filters? lol Do share!

Dawn said...

Love all the details! Had to pin one of the photos. Hope you don't mind.