Saturday, March 30, 2013

can't wait 'til tomorrow!

I feel such an anticipation for tomorrow! I can't wait to go to church and worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ! I feel such a thankfulness and happiness. This whole Holy week has been more poignant for me than I remember from past Easter seasons.

To start off with, I found this verse a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! Everything in one verse! Our GOD! Our Father! Our LORD Jesus Christ! His great mercy! Born again! Living hope! Resurrection! Wow. I am so glad I am His child :) (it's kinda hard to read, sorry- it's I Peter 1:3)

And then I was preparing the resurrection eggs to share in Junior church tomorrow, when my kids gathered around and looked in each egg and got as excited as I did when we opened the last empty egg! (empty as the tomb).

On Wednesday, our church went over to another church to see an Easter play. It was wonderful. I LOVED when the actor playing Jesus BURST from the tomb as they sang, "Arise, My Love."

The rest of the week was chock full of scripture and songs and people who ministered to my heart. Thank you, Lord! :) 

Have a very blessed Resurrection day tomorrow!

A little trip down memory lane here...Easter Past.

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