Friday, March 29, 2013

art class #2 {play-doh, pizza collages, marbled Easter eggs, bird drawings}

 name pizzas :)

I staged this picture before class and had to take 5 before I got one without a double chin :))

 We looked at Lois Ehlert's books today- LOVE this lady. She is a first class artist and author. We got all inspired to make our pizza collages.

 We had play-doh and uncooked spaghetti out on the table when the kids came in. They were so creative, and made the cutest hedgehogs, suns, tacos, and aliens :)

 pizza making...

 Pizza! I found these tin pizza plates at the dollar store- the kids loved taking the pizza home on a tray :)

 Their birds were adorable. I am serious- there is nothing cuter than kids and their art projects.

 SUPER fun activity. Squirt shaving cream on a tray (photo below). Drizzle paint all over it. Use a skewer to swirl the paint into the shaving cream. Take your paper (egg shape) and press onto the cream/paint. Pull it off- wait a few seconds, scrape all cream off with a squeegee or I used old magazines for that part.

 A camera :)

What a blessing to teach these kids and enjoy the creativity that God gave to us!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter. There is no other day like it- JESUS IS RISEN!


Jennifer said...

love it. can't wait for my kids to come!

gailsgarden said...

I wish I could have peaked in on your class. I know you had lots of fun. The art projects are so cute!

Lydia said...

Happy Easter!!! My kids are loving art class!! You are a great teacher!