Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My oldest son made terrariums for our science fair. We love terrariums- just google that word and be inspired! Terrariums are containers for plants or animals, but have really gone to a new level with the creativity people use when selecting containers and plants. A terrarium can be completely enclosed (like our above jar), or open at the top (like the light bulb shown below).

 Step one- pour pebbles in the bottom of your container- this allows the dirt to drain

 Next add activated charcoal (or carbon). This keeps the air clean inside.

 Add sphagnum moss (this will keep the dirt from mixing with rocks)

 Now put in the dirt (potting mix)

 Now it's time to plant! We picked out plants we liked- BUT, don't be like us! Pick plants that are able to thrive in hot climates. You can google this info.

 Add a lego miner and you are set!

 This was the fun one. We followed this tutorial for getting the top off of a light bulb. Then used a funnel to get the layers of pebbles and dirt inside. A long skewer helped us plant the tiny plant inside. These plants have thrived with only a few sprinkles of water at the start.

 This was a magnet container that we kept on the fridge- now it is a tiny terrarium!

It was a very fun science project- EXCEPT WHEN THE ENTIRE BOARD GOT KNOCKED DOWN AND ALL OF THE TERRARIUMS SPILLED THE DAY OF THE FAIR!!!!!! (I almost had a heart attack.....but, thankfully all was salvageable! AND, by God's grace I did not yell at the child who accidentally knocked it down :-/)

I almost forgot, the last one (on the red pedestal) was made out of a soda bottle. That one is also thriving and never has to be watered.


cranny + me said...

These are wonderful! Can't wait to try this with Graeme! Dying laughing about everything tipping over. You're a better mom than me-- I would have had some frustrated mutterings : )

Sonja said...

These are fabulous - I'm itching to make a few dozen now! ;-)

gailsgarden said...

A+ for the science project! It looks like fun.

Jennifer said...

cool! I'd love to see his entire poster board!