Monday, February 18, 2013

snow days in the south

I absolutely love living in the south. I was born in Minneapolis, moved to New Brunswick, Canada when I was 7 and lived there until college. I went to college in Wisconsin, then lived on Guam (when you live on a small island you say lived on :)  for 3 years. Then we moved back to the states and have been south ever since. I just don't know if I could be up there and scrape all that snow off the car if I needed to go somewhere! (I'm lazy, I would probably teach the kids to do it).........speaking of snowy windows- here's a joke I read in the Reader's Digest....

A woman texts her husband, "windows froze"

He texts back, "pour lukewarm water over it"

She responds, " computer is really messed up now."

:) I love that joke. 

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Don't get me wrong- I loved growing up where I did. I really could see living in Canada again someday (and wintering somewhere warm?!?!?!). 

Snow days in the south are super fun. We have had 2 days so far this year. The first one (first photo above) gave the kids icy trails to slide down. The second snow (this past Saturday) gave us huge fluffy wet flakes. The kids took the sleds out and sat on the grass trying to push themselves forward. Good memories :)

Thank You, God, for our beautiful seasons. Thank you for snow and it's beauty. Thank you for the sunshine today. Thank you for grits and cornbread and only 2 snow days a year :)

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