Thursday, February 7, 2013


She decided to move the dollhouse (by herself) to the middle of the room. Ooookay, we can work with that, but I told her she better paint the back so I don't have to walk by everyday and see this unsightly plywood :) she was happy to comply.

The back of the house is now covered with a blue sky, green grass, and a sun. We also have some stray orange splotches on the carpet. (can I tell you again how nice it is to have ugly gray carpet that I hate!) I didn't even yell about the spilled paint. I highly recommend ugly berber carpet for a creative family :)


Kellie said...

Ur such a cool mom!

Wendy said...

Love that you're letting her paint it! And the carpet thing truly made me laugh out loud. I have the SAME CARPET! Worse, though, is that *I* chose it 10 years ago. Soooo wish I'd gone with wood floors throughout. Now we're redoing them, a room at a time, because -dang- reflooring isn't cheap. (I have plenty of spilled paint on mine, too, which just adds character, while we have this carpet!)