Monday, February 11, 2013

let's brighten up this rainy day with some pretty colors

I've been a busy bee! Some friends are letting me be a vendor at a consignment sale in March. I am so excited about it. I have been so not crafty this past year (unless it was homeschool or home decor related). But the creative juices are flowing again. What I like about this project is that it happens in less than a month. So mama can't get too crazy and neglect the family too much and go over the top crazy-focus on work-work-work. 'Cuz that can happen so fast! I have a hard time keeping the balance. I'll keep ya updated and share photos of the merchandise as it gets made. If there is something you like- let me know. Maybe in the summer I can make up a bunch of stuff and have an Etsy summer sale party.

List of potential sale items:

painted clothes pins (to clip your chips, or clip on a gift, or use on your clothes line :) )
painted wooden bead necklaces
painted canvases
watercolor paintings in frames (large, medium, and tiny)
lightbulb terrariums ( son made these for a science project- I'll show you soon- super cute) 
greeting cards
flower brooches/clips


Jennifer said...

guess i need a bigger budget for the sale!!

Lydia said...

oH, YAY FOR YOU!!! Can't wait to see everything!

Dave Mincy said...

I feel so neglected ;-)

julie king said...

how fun! the clothespins are cut and i love th idea of the light bulb terrariums. good luck!

Kellie said...

Bravo! Hope your efforts pay off... at least it was fun preparing!

Janet said...

Those clothespins are super cute!!