Thursday, February 21, 2013

happy angry birds party ;)

I totally stole this cake idea from 

 The cake is such a funny irony- a happily colored birthday cake of a glaring angry bird :)

 Happy B-day to our favorite 10 year old!!!

Our 10 year old is not just an angry birds (and bad piggies) fan, but a lego fan as well. So we played a lego party game. We had bags of legos for everyone. Each bag had an assortment of about 20 legos. Each round everyone had to make a specific object (a house, or a robot, or a rocket ship). When one round was over, you handed your bag off to the next person and got a new bag yourself. Fun :)

**Speaking of fun, I am super excited about my new ART CLASSES FOR KIDS at my house! Check out the details:

(you can email me with any questions and info about where we live.


Sonja said...

That Lego game sounds like a lot of fun - I'm going to try to remember that for my own kid's birthday!

Jennifer said...

love the cake!

Mark and Tricia said...

Wish I could come :) But I am 11 turning twelve soon :(

The Joys of Boys said...

Your cake turned out so cute! I'm glad I could share a little inspiration with you. Sounds like your 10 year old would fit in well with my Angry birds/Lego obsessed boys. ;) Happy birthday to him!