Friday, January 18, 2013

just stuff...around here

I've changed things around in the classroom. We have this cozy little reading spot. Sadie especially likes it. She lays in the sun. She doesn't read much, though.

We adore our library. Have you read any of the Epossumondas books? You totally need to get the book on cd and listen to the author read it- hilarious. She has the perfect N'Orleans accent. So now when we get the books, we can hear her voice in our heads as we read.

We had these feathers on our Christmas tree. They were fun to make, watercolor on canvas paper, outlined with sharpies. (did I already tell you that?)

I saw this on O Happy Day. Bake cake in tin cans! Super fun. You just grease and flour a clean can, fill a little over half with cake batter, and bake at 325*! I have no idea how long. I put it in for 10 min and kept checking every 5 min after that. (maybe 25 min?) Think of the possibilities. You could make 4 different can cakes in different colors and then cut and layer....

Somebody in our house lost her first tooth!


cranny + me said...

Okay, will definitely check out those books! Two, that tin cake is adorable! Three, yay for Skye!

Kellie said...

LOVE the can cakes! Just the right size! Congrats to lil' Sara!!!

Anonymous said...

You could even make Dr. seuss hats with the can cakes! Use red velvet cake, cut into layers use a thick layer of white icing to resemble stripes :) You could use a wider can cut the cake into really thin layers for the brim of the hat!