Thursday, January 17, 2013

Field Trip to the Capitol Building

The kids and I went to the Capitol building a few weeks ago. It was inspiring. I feel very PAT-riotic. But we are so clueless. When we got there, everyone was bustling around cleaning and moving things. I asked the security guard what was going on and he looked at me like I was crazy. After he asked me if I listen to the news, he tells me they were getting ready to swear in the new governor that weekend. Oops. :) (at least we had voted for said governor).

Anyway, a few things we liked (as shown in the above photographs):

The statues
The cursive writing
The architectural details
The white and cream rotunda
George Washington


Debby said...

Love that first picture.

Jennifer said...

I love going to that place. Since Jacob is in 4th grade, he'll be doing the NC notebook project and we should go back there again.

Kellie said...

Historical day trips are all around you... keep up the history lessons! Mrs. Mincy is a fun teacher!