Sunday, January 6, 2013

7 days of Christmas {Easter Dinner}

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday here at the Mincy home. When was the last time we had Easter Dinner with my parents??? I cannot even remember. Dad said he wanted to buy us a spiral ham while they were here- perfect for Easter! (thanks, Dad! It was good ham....still is...anyone want leftovers?!)

(The 7 days of Christmas were the days my parents came to visit. We celebrated Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthdays,...and you will have to wait to find out what else!)


Connie said...

I think that is a wonderful idea and I am sure that your parents had a ball on their visit. We all have family that we don't see but once a year or sometimes less than that . . . so why not make each day an event while they are there. I hope that I remember this the next time that I have folks visiting from out of state.
Thanks for sharing.
You have a very kind and lovely heart :)
Your blogging sister, Connie

Lydia said...

I love love love your idea of celebrating all the holidays in one week with your parents. Once my brother moves his family to their next base, we won't see them as much. I think we will do this when they come to stay- I love it!!!!

Kellie said...

I will let you know when we're coming!!!!!!