Monday, January 21, 2013

7 days of Christmas {Christmas!!}

 See how much fun it is to buy and give little girls' clothing?!

 Opening presents is fun!

There's our little 2nd tree. The organic tree- everything was natural- or pretend natural like plastic owls, paper feathers, and yarn snowflakes :)

 We always give Dad jiffy corn muffin mix, because he loves them....

 And we always give Mom chocolate covered cherries, because she hates them :)


Christmas dinner with a new family member (made by Mom)


And that is the end of the 7 days of Christmas. What was your favorite day? Mine was maybe Thanksgiving, or Easter, or maybe valentines? Although summer vacation was fun too. And Christmas, of course! It was fun and we miss Mom & Dad already.


Krystle Watters said...

Oh super cute dress and doll! I had heard about both, nice to see photos. :)

Debby said...

I am amazed that you celebrated so much in a week. Did you say that you only see your parents once a year?
I love the doll your mother made for your daughter......unless it was made by you....still love it.
What great fun. I had fun just reading about it.

gailsgarden said...

We had so much fun! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We miss you too!