Sunday, November 25, 2012

It was from God.....

...that Dave brought up Romans 12. He was reading it and commenting on the amazing-ness of the truth and food in that passage. And it got me thinking...Romans 12...Oh yeah! Romans 12 for 2012! I started this year out with that chapter. A good way to end the year too. Reading and listening (Biblegateway) to that chapter is such a help- just to get through the day [even halfway] in the right way!

And that got me thinking about 2013 (this is the time of year our pastor always encourages us to start making goals and plans for the new year). Immediately I thought of I Corinthians 13 (the LOVE chapter!), but got excited when I flipped over to Hebrews 13....I had been reading that chapter a few weeks ago and highlighting like crazy because it is so good.

2 passages for 2013..

I Cor 13
Hebrews 13

Awesome stuff!!!! Stuff I need on a daily (hourly, minute by minute) basis.

I really like how I can listen to it being read to me on my Biblegateway app. For those times when I am shopping by myself or cleaning the house. To be renewing my mind with God's Word throughout the day- PRICELESS!  

 May God bless and lead you as you prepare and think about the new year :)

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Debby said...

May God Bless you and your family as well.