Tuesday, November 13, 2012

corduroy and color and cozy

 hello world!

 hello corduroy!

Speaking of corduroy, this is so cute and funny. Dave had to go on an errand today and he stopped into Old Navy and surprised me with tan corduroys and an orange sweater! He's so sweet and it was precious- we had to giggle tho, when I tried on the skin tight 'skinny' pants!! Haha, I am so not a skin tight pants person at all...so I am going back to see what I can find :)

beautiful leaves

 Ooh this doggie is such a little dear :)

 pretty greens

 Today was a chilly and rainy day. So what could be better than hot apple cider, popcorn, and chicken noodle soup for lunch in front of the first fire of the season?!

 .............so cozy..............

It was the perfect day to put up the tree. I asked everyone's opinion on facebook whether I should put the tree up this early and it was an overwhelming YES! I was surprised, often people have a very firm opinion about having to wait until after Thanksgiving. But, alas, we did not get to it today, and it looks like we may not get to it until this weekend. Unless I just get out a tiny bit each day, which might be really fun :) I'll keep you posted.


Debby said...

Your house looks so cozy. Love the pictures with the kids. Did you get a new camera or lens, your pictures look great. Sweet hubby of yours.

Jennifer said...

love the fireplace picture....looks so cozy....where is the picture of you in the skinny cords?

Jeremy and Amy said...

Super cozy!! I thought, by your pictures lately, that you had gotten a new camera, and your self-portrait confirmed it =o) Are you just loving it?!

Ruth said...

So cozy. I love having a fire going when it's cool and damp out. Your living room looks so comfy and inviting.