Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Ideas (and completely unrelated Strawberry Shortcake pictures)

Amazing how much God loves us. Amazing how He directs our paths and helps us to see how we can serve Him and how to serve others. For awhile now God has been working on my heart about Christmas. How to make it different this year. How to focus on giving. How to help the kids to want to give.  We have been talking about this together as a family and God has given us ideas.

Then today Focus on the Family had a broadcast about this very thing! They interview Matthew West and he talks about his book, Give This Christmas Away....I love this interview. And then they have a lady from Bosnia describe how she received a Christmas box years ago and how it led her to the Lord (you will need Kleenex)

 Listen here. 
(Nov 5 broadcast)

Matthew West's book

I am really excited about this Christmas. This is the time of year when I want to put the tree up NOW! But I will wait a little longer. I am also excited to see how our family can learn and grow as we seek to change to put other people ahead of ourselves. God is working on us and He loves us and it is so neat to see that when you turn your desires to serving HIM, He puts help in your path- He puts ideas, and people, and sermons, and scripture passages right in your lap.

More good ideas here. 


Jennifer said...

I heard this today on the way to school. It was really good!!

Mica Garbarino said...

one of the cutest costumes ever!!!! I am smiling from ear to ear! Mica