Monday, August 27, 2012

tending plants + children

 My window box is still doing great! I am amazed and inspired and thankful that I kept these plants alive all summer (no, you are right, it was God who kept them alive :)

 Learning about the phases of the moon was so much better using oreos! Thank you, Pinterest. (yes, we are kiwi-earth)

This is our third tomato. The other two that ripened were sooooo amazingly good. I think that even when friends give you tomatoes fresh from their garden, they are not as good as when you pluck it straight from your plant and eat it immediately.

 School started out well. Mr Robot Man is ready for the new year.

I'm always ready to get back to school at the end of summer. The kids do so much better when they are in a routine...and me too!

How was your summer? Are you back to school? How are your tomatoes? I will not be jealous if you tell me you got more than 3 :)


Kellie said...

Your window box is soooooo pretty... I think perhaps my kitchen window needs one! Bring our "baby" to PCC this weekend! Summer comes to an end!

Monica said...

Our summer was weird! We moved from New Mexico to New Hampshire. Spent almost two months in a hotel. Moved into a new (to us) house. Just took two kids to college. :( The other three started school today.

We have tomato plants that came with the house - Not sure if we'll be able to keep them alive. On a happier note - I'm painting a kitchen wall black with chalkboard paint! Can't wait till I can write on it!

Jennifer said...

your plants look very pretty!

Lydia said...

We got 0 tomatoes and I only managed to keep one potted flower alive. I have a BLACK thumb when it comes to gardening.

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

Nice work in the garden. We have full sun and have managed to scorch all of our plants. I can't wait to plant some mums.

P.S. Ellie says she wants to come do Science at your house. Yum!

Sarah said...

We are back to school! We had a good start to the tomatoes, esp Romas. But now they are blooming with nothing else. I am hoping we have some fall ones!
Love your pics!

Georgina said...

Me, I'm not into school now. I am excited to my niece, she really loves to go to school. Her routines are, eat, school and play. I really love that girl.