Wednesday, August 15, 2012

our trip to Boone, NC::::beautiful mountains:::romance in the air

 Dave and I dropped the kids off at Dave's parents house and went to Boone for a week. (thank you, Granna + Pop Pop!)

Sweet barn by the side of the road.

 Split Rock
silly Dave :) 

 Eating our lunch on the way to the top of Grandfather Mountain

 Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Scary Mile High Bridge.

 Bead store

 Precious and priceless time together

 Beautiful succulent garden on our running trail (running for Dave, sllloooow jogging for me :) ...better to enjoy the sights by :)

 kayaking on the New River

 Fave eats #1- Stick Boy Bread Co. mmmmmmmm - coffee + Bakery. Dave's choice: sticky bun, my choice- brioche man

 Fave eats #2- Our Daily Bread.....Brie BLT with slivers of apple...mmmm

tru luv

 new hat:) 

Fave eats #3- Come Back Shack- yes we did come back. The baked fresh sweet potato chips with comeback sauce were worth coming back for.... 3 times!

 cute shops

We hope to come back again soon. The kids would like Boone a lot. So many fun things to do, such a nice mountain village atmosphere. Relaxing, beautiful, fresh air, pretty flowers, lots of good memories with my honey:)


Jennifer said...

so proud of you for going kayaking....don't think I would do that. Glad you could take in Grandfather Mtn....such a beautiful place. I will definately have to check out the Come back shack.....glad you had fun!

Stephanie said...

What a lovely place to visit and how nice to have spent the time alone with your hubby! Love the pics and the food sounded delicious!!!

Bethany said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! So glad we got to see you too! :)

Marsha said...

Getaways with hubby are my favorite! Glad you had such a great time in the mountains.

michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful place for quiet time together! Sure looks like you uys had a great time...we missed you here!

gailsgarden said...

Hurray for a good time! I am sure the kids had a great time too. Isn't it nice to have grandparents? Tee hee! I bet they are resting this week!

Kellie said...

How fun! So glad you stopped in to see us "old" friends!!!!

Jeremy and Amy said...

So glad you were able to spend some time together!! Love your new hat; looks adorable on you.

Dawn said...

Looks like fun. Cherish those times together.
D xo

Dave Mincy said...

Thanks for a wonderful week, hon! ;-)

Anna said...

What a fun trip! I graduated from Appalachian in 2003 and I'm glad Our Daily Bread is still around. I need to plan a visit many new things!
Long-time reader but first time commenter btw...really enjoy your blog!

Lindsey said...

hi, i found you through your home on life made lovely. my husband and i met in boone while in college, so we LOVE the place. :) how wonderful to spend a whole week there, we only get the rare weekend.