Tuesday, July 3, 2012

more ribbon chandeliers...cabinets....cute knobs...and much more

 I am pretty much crazy about these chandeliers. This one I used a huge embroidery hoop, some ribbon, ripped cloth, and streamers. The sloped wall on the right used to be brown (in the classroom). Now it is sky blue!! I'm so happy!

 OK, this is in the kitchen- I really don't love this light fixture. So I rigged the little embroidery hoop up to the ceiling with cup hooks. Then added the fabric strips with double sided tape....

 This is before....and you'll have to wait for after photos further on down the post....

 I just love this picture of my boy when he got home from camp. Those dirty fingers!!! That dirt proves much fun and independence- no one to tell him to wash his hands!!!!

 My birthday was a smashing success. When lava lamps are involved, you know it is gonna be good :)

 The kids and Dave & I celebrated at The Cheesecake Factory.

 And - today is our 13 year anniversary :) I LOOOOOve you, Dave M.

 I always get the corn tamale cakes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and this time I also got this salad; something like a leek, pecan, blue cheese, pear combo. Really good too.

 Dave's cousin got married in this little chapel this past weekend. It was gorgeous...wait til you see the view:

 Sooo pretty.

 Can you believe I am {allllllmost} finished with my kitchen cabinets?!?! This project has been an absolute nightmare. I do projects that take an hour- or a day, tops. This project took months. I was really mad about that. The Lord was teaching me patience (again...still......always)

 The top cabs are a really light green.

 There it is- my FAST and easy (yay) light fixture project. Hello Sadie!

 The knobs were a fun find at Hobby Lobby....

Every time I open a cupboard door I smile :)

Hope you are having a fabulous summer. We are looking forward to a very relaxing 4th- setting up our little pool, eating hot dogs and burgers, watching fireworks, and thanking our Precious God for our freedom [as a country...but most importantly- as a person- free in HIM:)] ........and I am thinking of making these 2 things to amp our day up a few notches:

Source: google.com via Sara on Pinterest

How to:
 the drink with the highest sugar content stays on the bottom...use red fruit punch on the bottom, blue Gatorade in the middle, diet 7-up or sprite on top.

Use a Sara Lee cake and star cookie cutter.


Monica said...

Your 4th of July treats look great - We've been living in a hotel for almost a month now - We could do those drinks!

I'm loving the ribbon chandeliers and your kitchen looks awesome! I was wondering how the backsplash holds up? We're waiting to move into a house and it has a tile backsplash. Wonder if I could do something like yours over it? Hmmm...

Anyway...Happy birthday and anniversary!

Kellie said...

Love your chandeliers... and those cabinet knobs just scream happy! Have a happy fourth!

Connie Carlson said...

Wow! what an interesting post! I loved every minute reading it! Happy anniversary; how well I remember your beautiful wedding!

Lydia said...

Oh my goodness- your kitchen looks FAB-O!!!! Love the colors of the cabinets, the knobs, the chandy, EVERYTHING! You are so talented:)

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

Is it really possible that we have the same name, birthday, AND anniversary? I knew there was a reason that I like you so much. The kitchen looks amazing... I am thinking about painting my kitchen island an aqua blue. I just need to be more brave like you and do it! :)

Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cabinets!!!! The color even though not as bold as I thought you'd go... look fantastic in there and the knobs are the best!!!! Love the light fixture solution too. And Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Romeo said...

I like you chandelier. It is cute and unique.

I'm said...

I think you should offer home tours!!! Those of us who have birding homes could come and drool! Happy anniversary! Cheers for 16 years of love!!!