Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what is going on at the mincy house?!

 Some months just seem to pack in the fun and excitement. That is definitely true for April & May. Graduations, weddings, end of school celebrations, baseball, swimming. Whew! All good stuff. Thought I would pop in for a little update with pics from my phone. Here we are reading Caps for Sale, one of our faves.

 We've been on a smoothie kick and I love it! My favorite is apple, frozen banana, spinach, greek yogurt, splash of milk, ice. I feel so healthy :)

 My dear husband, being a dear and getting us fresh watermelon.

 My baby and her art skillz

 More of that...
She wants to visit MADAGA SC AR

 Naptime for mama :) :)


 He matched my kitchen :)

 My cute little b-ball players. First time to be on a real team with real uniforms :)

 My eldest makin' music

And last but not least, my mantra (or what I am trying to make my mantra in life!!!) I got this print downloaded free from here. 

I have been listening to these programs from revive our hearts- awesome encouragement for moms!!! And perfect for Mother's Day week.

Have a wonderful May! I have a feeling I may not see you 'til June. I have tons of home projects in store for the summer, tho- so hopefully I will have lots to share :)


Debby said...

Did your hubby get any dirt on that white shirt, hah.
Your daughter really does have art talent.
Looks like you are busy and having fun.

Stephanie said...

So nice catching up with you, feels like it's been awhile. looks and sounds like you've been having lots of fun and I totally remember that caps for sale book from when I was a kid.

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

Your kids are getting so big! How old is "your baby" now? I'm so impressed that she's reading Corduroy. Did you use a reading program with her or just wing it with your mad teaching skills? I'm homeschooling Ellie this fall... can't wait!