Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring painting

I am amazed and delighted with spring this year. I walk outside just to sniff the air :)

What a mess! We are on spring break as of today, and I have about 10 projects in the works. This dresser, which belongs to my little girl, is getting a make-over as we speak. Can't wait to show you!

We had revival services a few weeks ago, did I tell you that? This wall is to remind often do I respond with godly wisdom?? Are my words pure? Gentle? Am I easy to be entreated?! How about peaceable, full of mercy, and without hypocrisy? I'm a work in progress....

Living room...stools lined up in a train.

I love this picture of my little dog :) She likes to sniff the spring air too.

More flowers...

More spring happiness.

So much going on- my house is completely torn apart! Painting her dresser, painting the kitchen chest of drawers, painting a random drawer in our room, baking the Easter cake (it all goes together, kinda like a theme.....stripes of colors....)

I am sure you are asking yourself, why is Sara painting this and that when her kitchen cabinets are still not finished!?! Welllllllllllllllllllllllll...yeah, about that.....

I am not too sure if I like the red :) :)

I am a little ashamed :) I thought I liked it, I did like it for a few days...but it does overpower the room just a tiny bit too much. I don't know what I am going to do...I'll keep ya posted!

My camera is not working :( I am hoping to get a new battery and that that will fix it before this weekend.... Easter! Cake! Painted furniture! I need my camera! (I know I am so spoiled, I took most of these on my phone) (I could not be more spoiled...I will be thankful, I will be thankful....)


Stephanie said...

Wow you are busy! Nothing like spring to get you moving though, and having a list of projects is such a good thing! As for the kitchen cabinets... at least you realized you don't care for the color before finishing every single one :) just keep looking for inspiration it will hit you I'm sure. Happy Easter if I don't get back here before the weekend!

Monica said...

Do I need to loan you my camera for a week?
Look forward to seeing your finished projects. Dare I mention that I'm expecting to see your cabinets in black with polka dots matching your kitchen chairs?

Susan S. said...

It's looking so pretty and Spring-y around your house I can almost smell it here in Houston. Love your reminder board --- I think we All need that! Can't wait to see what you are doing to the dresser. :)
Happy Spring Ya'll

Anonymous said...

I like your house, it' so colourful and friendly. NICE!

Km said...

I think your phone pics are just LOVELY!!!! So take lots of Eastery pics for us!! Love our "revival" chalkboard notes.

Gini Mincy said...

These pictures are great -- love the one of the kitchen (under Sadie's pic -- cute, too) The color is invigorating!